In this post you’ll learn the answers for the questions: what is the product development phase about? and where does it stand on the lean startup methodology?


A startup is somewhere between the realization of a dream and just the mere dreaming about the dream. It is in a way the materialization of the vision of one or more people. The founders are not wondering how wold it be to put their ideas into practice anymore. They are now facing the problems that affect similar businesses in the industry and their commitment to the vision starts to be put to test. In order for this startup to exist and grow into something bigger, products must be developed and launched to the market. So, it’s no wonder that the product development phase should be studied and engendered in the way that best fits the goals/needs of the company.


What is the product development phase about?

The main goal of the product development phase/building phase is to build/develop a product. The way this is done, depends on the methodology the business is using. We tend to think of it to be the phase in which the vision of the founders is turned into something concrete that will in the end be sold to the market and make millions of dollars. With this approach the intention is to build the most close to “perfect” version of the product.

By using the lean startup methodology on the other hand, the goal is to build a minimum viable product. A version of the product stripped out of any unnecessary features and launch it as early as possible to the market. After it is proved that the market actually wants the product, new features are added. Each feature is introduced to the product, and with each release the reviews are studied in the same way a scientist tests a hypothesis. If the reviews are good the new feature is kept and if not removed.


The approach is not of trying to build the greatest product ever all at once. The approach is of a scientist trying to understand how the world works step by step. The world here is replaced by the costumer.




It is all about knowledge and experience;)

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