What Is The Meta Description?

In this post you’ll get answers for the questions: what is the meta description? and why is it important?

When it comes to content creation there are a few elements to that have to be taken in consideration after the creation part is complete. These elements can improve the chances that the amazing piece of content you just created can have a chance to be seen by the search engine visitors in the first place. One of those elements is the meta description.


So, What is the meta description?

In a few words, the meta description is an HTML tag that represents/displays the summary of the page in question. If you pay attention to Google’s search results, a small piece of the content you’re about to see from each page is displayed below the link of the page.

What is the meta description?

The image above shows how the meta description is edited using the wordpress plugin yoast, but it is not the only way to set it up. If the meta description is not defined, the search engines will take the first few lines of the first paragraph as the default meta description. One thing to notice is that if the target keyword appears on the meta description it will show up in bold. This could be an advantage when it comes to attracting the attention of visitors in the search results.

Why is it important?

The meta description used to be used to increase the chances that the search engines will rank the content high in the search results, since they used to pay a good deal of attention to it. These days the influence of the meta description in search engine rankings is not as powerful as it used to be, but it can still be a good source of advantage over the competition. The reason for this is that instead of using the meta description as a way to “trick” the search engines into giving your content high rankings, it should be seen as a way of “selling” the content to the visitors from the search results. Even if you rank in the first page, there is still some competition among the websites, so it is always a good idea to craft your meta description as well as your content.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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