What is the low hanging fruit principle?

The position your post ranks in the search results can dramatically influence the amount of traffic it will get. High levels of traffic can quickly translate into more sales, and since more sales can make you more successful, in a way your position in the search results can be linked to your degree of success in the online business world.

There are many ways to improve your position in the search results, and this is one of them. So what is the low hanging fruit principle?

Low Hanging Fruit


The low hanging fruit is an online marketing strategy that increases the odds that a post ranks will high in the search results by targeting keywords with low competition.

Popular keywords attract lots of traffic, but the downside is that because there are also lots of websites are also targeting them, it is harder to rank in the first page of search results. By targeting less popular keywords there will be less traffic for the page that targets it, but the upside is that it is much easier to rank high.

When often used, the low hanging fruit principle can make a website more successful than it seems. The reason for this is that getting small traffic from many posts can be just as effective as getting lots of traffic from a handful of sources. The only problem here is that more posts have to be written.

A good strategy for all levels: beginner and advanced


This is a good strategy especially for people with little experience with Search Engine Optimization(SEO), since to rank high for highly competitive keywords amazing content wrapped up in good SEO techniques is a must. Even then, there is still a chance that your well crafted post will not make it to the first page of google.

When you finally get to know more about SEO, you will notice that this strategy will still be valid. The only difference will be that instead of being the only one you have, it will turn into just one of many in your tool belt.

To summarize, “low hanging fruit” in the low hanging fruit principle is the keyword that has little competition in comparison to similar keywords in the niche.

There are many keyword tools available on the internet that will help you know if a keyword has high or low competition, a good place to start is jaaxy.


It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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