What Is The Google Ads Keyword Tool?

In this post you’ll learn the answers for: what is the google ads keyword tool? and why should I use it?

Among the many tools marketers use in order to increase their conversion rates in PPC, or to increase the odds that their content will rank high in the search results in content marketing, keyword tools are possibly the most important. There exist many keyword tools these days, and one of the most popular is the google ads keyword tool.

What is the google ads keyword tool?

In a few words, the google ads keyword tool, is a keyword tool developed by Google. Among the many pieces of data, this keyword tool tells you for each keyword the average number of searches per month as well as from which part of the world these searches come from, the level of keyword competition for that same keyword and the estimated cost per click. Much more is added every year and of you want to learn more about it here is the link:

Google keyword planner

With the level of competition and the estimated number of searches per month, you have all you need to apply the low hanging fruit principle. This is the reason why if there were two pieces of data that everybody should focus on in either content marketing or PPC advertising these two would be the chosen.

Why should I use it?

Well, Google’s keyword tool is not the only one out here. The real question is not why should I use it, but why should I use keyword tools in the first place? For the ones who are looking for a way to increase the conversion rates, the click through rates or even to make their PPC campaigns less expensive, a keyword tool can be more beneficial than it might look. The reason for this is that with the aid of a keyword tool it becomes easier to do keyword research. With a good keyword research it becomes easier to at the same time increase the CTR of an ad since there will be less competition in the keywords you find, and for the same reason decrease the fee per click. This would be a version of the “low hanging fruit” for PPC advertising.

For the ones who only want to get their content to rank high in the search results, keyword tools give you an idea of what keywords to write about by pointing you to the keywords with the least competition(also the low hanging fruit principle in action).


In summary, there are many more keyword tools out there. Depending on your business, goal, strategy, or even budget a certain keyword tool might fit you better. So, do your research and when you find the one take maximum advantage of it.


It is all about knowledge and experience;)

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