What Is The Bandwagon Effect?

In this post you’ll learn the answer for the questions: what is The bandwagon effect? and how is it used in marketing?

Human beings are both predictable and unpredictable. The predictable part is the set of things we know about how the human mind works, and the unpredictable part is the set of things we still don’t understand. As the author says in the book : 7 habits of highly effective people, there are things in life we can influence such as weight and how much money we make, and others we can’t influence, such as the where we are born, our parents, chance …etc. The one thing we can make to live a life well lived is to always focus on what we can influence, instead of complaining about what we can’t. Applying the same idea to the field of persuasion, there is a part in each one of us that we can’t/don’t completely understand, and to focus on it would be unproductive. The bandwagon effect is one of those things we do understand about the human mind.


What is the bandwagon effect?

The bandwagon effect is the tendency of people to believe more in an idea based on the number of people who already believe in it. The greater the number of believers, the greater the probability that you will believe on it too. In politics, the probability that you will vote in a certain candidate increases as the number of people who do so increases.


How is it used in marketing?

In marketing the bandwagon effect can be triggered by making the product seem to be desired by other people. This could be done by showing the number of users who like the product in testimonials. This is assuming that there are people who like the product.
So, because the fact that you already have costumers and they like the product, the new prospects become more prone to liking/trusting/believing in your product as well.


The bandwagon effect is a cognitive bias, and just like any other cognitive bias, becoming aware of it gives you a little more power over the people around you, and with great power come great responsibility.


It is all about knowledge and experience;)

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