What Is Relevant Content?

In this post you’ll learn the answer for the questions: what is relevant content? and how can I make my content more relevant?


On the traffic getting race, there are many aspects of an SEO strategy that if tweaked in the right way can determine whether you’re successful or not. This is specially true if the website relies mostly on organic traffic as opposed to forms of paid traffic such as PPC. In order to get an advantage over the competition, different people do different things. Some choose to learn as much as possible about on page SEO(as well as off page), and avoid as much as they can anything that can even remotely get them to be sent to the sand box by the search engines. Other people don’t care as much about the “rules” of the search engines and choose to go for darker SEO techniques such as: Grey hat SEO or even black hat SEO. No matter what you choose, the most important thing one can do in order to increase traffic as well as to turn visitors into fans is to make the content as relevant as possible.

What is relevant content?

Different people can define relevant content in different ways but the core of it can be summed up in two: it must make the reader smarter and it must be engaging. The first point might sound obvious, but often we read posts that just don’t answer the questions we have. Its very common to click a link that promises us to answer a question but makes us a product offer instead. The second point also addresses a very common flaw of any person who is supposed to play a role of a teacher. Its easy to assume that everybody knows as much as we do specially if we are knowledgeable people. When that happens although we might be trying to make people understand something, we fail because the content is just too complicated or full of jargon. Avoiding complicated language, and writing the content in the same way we would for a child, is one of the ways to make the reader feels like the content is relevant.

How can I make it more relevant?

To make a piece of content more relevant here are a few tips:

  1. Stick to the topic
  2. Answer the question
  3. Make it as simple as possible
  4. Avoid technical language, specially if the readers are newbies on the field.


To summarize: Relevancy is not just about answering the question, but also about making the content easy to digest.




It is all about knowledge and experience;)

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