What is Invisible Text?

In this post you’ll learn the answers for the questions: what is invisible text? and is it worth the effort?

On the race to getting high rankings in the search results, bloggers try an array of techniques, legal(white hat SEO) or not(black hat SEO) to get the search engines to look at their content with better eyes. The legal ones are nothing but the application of what the search engines considered good practices, and the illegal ones, an attempt to find and explore loopholes on what the search engines consider to be good practices without having to write any good content. The insertion of invisible text in a piece of content is one of the illegal techniques for ranking high.


What is invisible text?

The insertion of invisible text in SEO is a technique whose goal is to rank piece of content high by stuffing the content with a list of keywords under the hood. The text(keywords) is not visible to the visitors, only to the search engines. So, invisible text convinces the search engines that the content is more relevant than it is by showing them one thing, and another to the readers. The trick is often applied by writing the list of keywords in white, in the white background of the page, or pretty much by matching the color of the keyword list with whatever the background color of the page is.


Is it worth the effort?

Well…, Just like any other black hat SEO technique, the use of invisible text might work for a while, but sooner or later it gets discovered by the search engines. The problem is that whenever they find a website trying to trick its way into ranking high in the search results, it almost always gets them sent to send it to the sand box. This can mean months of decreased traffic, and if the website is a source of income, the sand box is just the worst case scenario for any business.





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