What Is Guest Blog Posting?

In this post you’ll learn the answers for the questions: what is guest blog posting? and why does it matter?

Ranking high on google is one of the things any blogger is thinking about most of the time. To achieve such a goal, there exist an array of strategies and methods that one can apply. Some are dark like black hat SEO/Grey hat SEO. Some are more “legal”, such as the set of techniques and principles that goes by the name of white hat SEO.

One of the most basic strategies to get higher rankings, and increase website visibility on the search engines overall is by simply writing more. The more you write, the more times you’ll show up on the search results, as well as the greater will be the number of keywords you’ll be ranking for. One rather counter-intuitive way of increasing your odds of high rankings on the search engines is guest posting.


What is guest blog posting?

Guest blog posting as the name probably implies is simply the act of creating content for another website. If the most important thing one can do to make its website more popular is to create and publish new content frequently, how can posting for someone else be a plus? Well, below are at least three of the reasons why you might want to give it a second thought.



1. Helps on backlink building

Backlinks make part of the criteria Google uses to rank a piece of content in the search results. The greater the number and quality of the backlinks pointing to it, the greater the odds that it will get high rankings. By guest posting, specially on popular websites, one has an opportunity to get new high quality backlinks.


2. Increase your connections

By posting on someoneelse’s website, you can also increase your connections. That person you’re writting for is suddenly not just a stranger anymore, but possibly a new business partner. If the content you write is good, the first post could be the first of many in a very valuable relationship. This is ignoring the fact that there is also the chance that you could be recommended to other people, further increasing your backlinks .


3. Improve your visibility

When you guest post you also increase your visibility/presence on the target niche. Your name is not only exposed to your target audience, but also to other bloggers on the niche. This as mentioned above improves your odds of getting more backlinks, as well as connections to new like-minded people.



There are at least two places you can start your guest posting partners research efforts, and they are… you guessed it 🙂

Google and the social media.

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