What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work?

Online marketing comes in many flavors. Just like a car brand or view on how the world should be, the many flavors varies vastly from person to person. It is all a matter of taste and style. Take traffic driving methods for example. Depending on the online marketer, SEO could be a better strategy if compared to PPC or PPM. To say that one way is better than the other is the same as saying that there is such a thing as one size fits for all. It’s the same as saying that its possible for everybody to have the exact same dream in life. Email marketing is just one more way of marketing a product in the pool online marketing strategies.


So, what is email marketing and how does it work?

In short, email marketing is an online marketing strategy in which the marketer makes the product offer to a list of email addresses. On PPC you would have to rely on ads to be able to get conversions, on SEO your focus would be on ranking high in the search results, on email marketing your focus is to while growing your email list, make and keep it responsive. An unresponsive list is a dead list. It’s just like a post that happens to rank in the first page and first position in the search results of goole for a keyword with no traffic.


An email marketing strategy is divided in 3 simple steps:

  1. List building
  2. Taking care of the list
  3. Making the offer

The list can be build in many different ways, one of them is by setting up PPC campaigns that focus on getting email addresses. The standard practice is to give to the potential prospect “a bribe” for his/her contact information (the email address in this case). The bribe could be the promisse for a piece of knowledge they can only get by opting in or something as simple as a free e-book.

The list is taken care of by regularly providing good and informative content through e-mails without making any offer. The goal here is to make the list more responsive, which means boosting the open rate of the emails. Just think of how many emails you leave unopened in your inbox.

The last one the is the one that makes you the money. It’s the end goal. There is no point in spending time and/or money to build a list and spend some more time creating good content for that same list if you’re are not making use of it. So make sure you make the offer in the end.




It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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