What Is Content Automation?

In this post you’ll learn the answers for the questions: what is content automation? and should I do it?

The creation of content for content marketing purposes can be an arduous process. It requires not only the knowledge to make it informative, but also the creativity to keep it engaging for the readers. Take away either useful information or engagement and any piece of content, no matter how well the on page SEO is done will last long enough to be shared or to make new fans. Another aspect of content creation is consistency. Add this variable to engagement and useful information, and your task as a content creator gets even harder. So, in order to bypass all the struggle, some bloggers came up with a solution. Automated content.

What is content automation?

Content automation is a Grey hat SEO technique(seen as black hat by some people), that consists of using computer software to generate content on the fly. The goal here is to get the benefits of manually written content without having to do so. On the best case scenario, the search engines pick up on it, identify it as a good quality content and rank it high on the search results. In the worst case however, they find out the content is automated and the website is sent to the famous sand box.

Should I do it?

Well. no! You could try if you want to, but to automate a piece of content and trying to rank high in the search results with it is a trick. The search engines don’t like tricks and punish the ones who are caught trying to trick them. So, the best way out is to always be natural. Below are a few ways to improve your content’s quality, the frequency and how to go over the famous writer’s block:

  1. How to create website content?
  2. What is the writer’s block?



It is all about knowledge and experience;)

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