What Is An Email List?

In this post you’ll learn the answers for the questions: what is an email list? and why is it important to have one?

In the various areas of life, a competitive advantage is probably one of the best ways of getting ahead. In love for example, it pays to know how to dress well and to have good conversation skills, in war, what gets you above the competition is being a step ahead in science and in school it pays to have an above average memory. When it comes to the online business world, many things can give you an edge, but one of the few that has the greatest impact is an email list.

What exactly is an email list?

An email list is a list of emails of prospects and costumers. The difference between an email list and the mere list of contacts that each one of us has, is that unlike the list of contacts the email list gives you the power to market products to people for free. Notice that in order for an email list to have high conversion rates in email marketing campaigns the list must be well taken care of. A well taken care of email list is regularly presented with useful content in the form of emails and whenever a product offer is made, the product is always relevant to its needs. This is why while an email list gives you the power to present your products to an audience without having to set up any pay per click ads, the offers must still be relevant to its needs or the open rates of the email list will decrease. Low open rates mean that fewer people on the email list are opening the emails you send, and without having people opening your emails the email list is useless.

Why is it important to have an email list?

As you probably know now, an email list can give you the power to control your profits. Assuming the email list is responsive and well treated, the uncertainty any entrepreneur has whenever he develops a new product disappears since because the people on the email list trust you, that trust help you with testing new products.

If you don’t have an email list yet, make it part of your marketing strategy today and see what happens 🙂





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