What Is An Authority Site?

Authority is a very important concept in the world around us. Depending on how one uses it, it can serve as a tool to inspire a person, to cause panic or fear and in classroom it can be an effective way of keeping everybody in line as well as a good indicator of who is in command. Authority can also serve as a clue on who to listen to. There are lots of people with opinions on what we should do in a certain situation, but not everything is good. For that reason we soon learn to look for cues that help us distinguish the ones who talk like they know but don’t, from the ones who really have something of value to add to our lives.

Search engines like google and Bing have the complex task of finding and sorting the most helpful content on the internet to give to their users. For that reason, each one of them comes up with algorithms that are regularly updated, since often the criteria those algorithms use to define which pages should come first and second in the search results is exploited by people whose goals is not to create the best content. So, the search engines find themselves in a constant battle to find reliable criteria that identifies trully helpful content on the web . One criterion is authority.

What is an authority site?

In simple words, an authority site is a website that has authority in its niche of origin. The authority could be represented by the number and quality of back links that website has from other websites in the same niche . The greater the number and quality of back links and content, the greater the authority. Think of authority in the same way you’d think of a teacher. A teacher with only a bachelor degree in Mathematics is perceived to have less authority in comparison to a teacher with a PhD in the same field. So in order to increase authority its crucial to gain vast amounts of knowledge in the field of interest. The greater the authority of a website, the greater the chances of ranking high in the search results.

How can I check my website’s authority?

A good way to check your site’s authority is by going to MOZ.com. Notice that the greater the website’s authority the more difficult it becomes to increase it. Ex: its more difficult to go from an authority of 70 to 71 than from 10 to 11. Create the habit of regularly checking your authority and to increase it the most basic method is by creating amazing content and placing links in the social media.


It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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