What Is An Aged Domain Name?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the must learn subjects in online businesses. The main reason for that is that a well optimized website has greater potential to rank high in the search results and thus get much more traffic than it would probably get if it wasn’t optimized. A well optimized website is more appealing for the search engines. It makes them perceive the website as a good source of information for their visitors.

Another very important factor for the search engines’ algorithms to say if a website is a good source of content or not is by how long the website has been around. Just like the way we tend to give more credit to old over younger, is in almost the same way search engines give credit to older websites over the younger ones. The longer the person or the website has been around and active, the wiser its perceived to be and the wise are the best source of knowledge.

So, what is an aged domain name exactly?


One way the search engines can have an idea of how old is a particular website is by checking the age of the website’s domain name. It turns out that its possible to get domain names with some months or even years added to them, as opposed to brand new out of the box domain names. Those are aged domain names. A good source is godady.com and they are usually bought in online auctions. Godady has its own domain auctions part in the website. Some domain names also have some traffic, and websites that sell aged domain names can give you an estimate of how much traffic a specific domain name gets every month.

Aged domain names can give you some advantage when it comes to getting the trust of the search engines. In their eyes your website has been around for a while. They also come with disadvantages which among them are:


Because other people are usually the ones selling their aged domain names they are free to set any price. The prices can range from almost nothing to thousands of dollars.

2. Limited choice

Because its a good practice to make the domain name of the website easy to help us guess the niche in which the website is in, one can find a cheap domain name with many years and good traffic but if it doesn’t match your business, it would be pointless to buy it ex: “bestMomInTheWorld.com” when your website is about the latest news in computers. For that reason, the chances that you’ll get a perfect price, traffic, niche mix are low you will need to do some research.

3. It requires research

The third disadvantage of aged domain names is that before the purchase you also need to check the reputation of the domain name itself. A domain name could be sand boxed by Google, and if you buy one of those, the entire purpose of getting the trust of the search engines quicker will be defeated. A good tool for that is the google sandbox checker.
Avoid sand boxed domain names no matter how appealing they look.

To summarize, notice that the perfect aged domain is not all you need to build a successful website. The most important thing above all, is the creation of great content.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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