What Is A Link Scheme?

In this post you’ll learn the answers for the questions: what is a link scheme? and Why you should avoid it?

Links, specially back links are a good predictor of the popularity of the website. This is a very important metric specially for the search engines, since it can be difficult for computer to tell whether a website is popular or not in the way humans do. In essence, if the website is popular, it must have good content. So, the number of back links predict the level of popularity of the website, the level of popularity of the website predicts the quality of the content, and good content is what the search engines are looking for. Soon after bloggers found out of the importance of back links for rankings, one new practice was born: link schemes.

What is a link scheme?

A link scheme is any action that focuses on using/manipulating/attracting links to a website with the purposes of ranking high in the search engines. This is considered a black hat SEO kind of strategy, and because of its power over the search results, the search engines have come up, over the years, with algorithms to find and punish websites using any known form of link schemes.


Example of link schemes are:

  1. Link farming
  2. Link buying
  3. Automatically generated links
  4. Read: 27 types of unnatural links


Why should link schemes be avoided?

Link schemes like any form of Grey hat SEO or black hat SEO should be avoided. The simplest reason for this is that, well… Google will probably find out and put the website on the sand box. For the ones who don’t know, the sand box is more or less like a black list to which websites that violate any of the search engines’ rules are sent. Being in the sand box can mean months of little to no traffic, and If the website is a source of income this definitely a place you don’t want to be. The second reason is that although the website looks more popular in the eyes of the search engines, this popularity is not real. Usually no one builds a fan base with link schemes.



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