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  1. Accomplishment by merit will forever be more fulfilling than accomplishment by luck regardless of how long the stint of the latter may last…As there comes a time when one is forced to ponder on what kind of life one could have lived if luck wasn’t a factor. What kind of accomplishments could have been had if the sweat of one’s brow were the only thing that mattered, and one’s success was earned through effort or sheer force of will alone. And there is nothing more depressing in the world than to come to the end of the road, and to realize that the journey was as much of a fluke as heads in a flip of a coin, or even worse, getting a 6 in a dice roll. So instead of asking God, the universe, or whoever or whatever you pray to for help, try to earn what you want.
  2. The way to earning one’s keep or better yet, earning one’s accomplishments and victories, is paved by the often transformative and life-changing commitment to self-improvement. The more you improve yourself, the more powerful and resourceful you become. And this is the key that opens all doors, as well as the gift that keeps giving. Never stop learning. Never stop working on yourself.
  3. When you find yourself envying the luck of others, remember that earned accomplishment will forever be more rewarding, as apart from the trophy of victory, one also earns the blessing of good sleep as well as the kind of rest that comes from knowing that the outcome can be reproduced. Luck, on the other hand, is the kind of thing that comes when you least expect it and that goes away when you need it the most. To depend on it is to sign up for a perpetual roller coaster of emotions in which doubt and anxiety are in the leading car.
  4. Merit is the ultimate manifestation of one’s mastery over luck. Merit is a statement. A statement to mother nature, the universe at large, or whatever happens to be at the source of all good fortune. To strive for merit is to attempt to gain control over one’s own mental piece of real estate. An attempt at gaining some control in a universe in which the lack of it is the norm.
  5. That which is earned by luck alone is easily lost when one runs out of it. To be dependent on luck is to be at the mercy of Murphey…Murphey’s law I mean, and as we all eventually come to realize at some point, Murphey is merciful to no one. Everyone gets their turn when it comes to highs and lows, and it’s important to be aware that even a long stint of the former doesn’t imply the impossibility of the latter. The only way out is by taking life into one’s own hands, and earning as much as possible. To be so knowledgeable and skilled that the presence or absence of luck becomes irrelevant… To get to a point when you not only don’t care about it, but also secretly hope you never come to need let alone rely on. The only thing you want to be relying on is nothing or no one other than yourself.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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