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  1. The thing about becoming one’s true self is that just because something is true doesn’t necessarily mean or imply that said thing is the best version of it. One can be wired in such an incompatible way with the universe at large that one’s status quo is is a downgrade to the potential as opposed to the norm. Just as one can be built in such a way that one’s truest self is not only harmful to the self as a whole, but also to the world around. So for these, the most productive approach to life includes the efficient taming of the thorns that make you unique. Just as in the case of the former, the most productive strategy is the brightening of the likely societally darkened inner stars that make you special. The way to become one’s best self is by becoming familiar with what makes one a burden as well as what makes one an asset to the world.
  2. When it comes to becoming one’s true self, there are two major challenges every one of us has to face. The first lies in not knowing what this true self is in the first place, and to accept that the journey to self-discovery takes time and effort is fundamental. The second challenge lies in living this version of the newfound self despite the world’s attempts at molding you out of it.
  3. To become one’s true self one has to first discover what this true self is. How it looks like, how it smells and it thinks. To know what this true self is one has to look for it with the kind of open-mindedness only children have. In a sense, to find yourself, you need to accept all possible versions of it first with no judgment or prejudice.
  4. The world can sometimes be overbearing enough as to suffocate one out of its nature. Out of its true self. To know who you truly are, and to want to be it is rare…so if within this 70 to 80-year-old journey you manage to find yourself, it’s important to be ready for the more than few instances in which you will feel as if you shouldn’t have. The world will make you feel bad about it, ask you to change and urge you to divorce you from yourself. The first step to getting over this small and not so small and in some cases even fundamental hurdle is to be ready for the challenge. To expect the world to go against your choice, and still take the next step forward.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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