The Power Of Affiliate Marketing

Online marketing is by itself a very powerful way of generating income for oneself. For newbies however, it can be overwhelming. The reason for this is that it online marketing is more like a tree with many branches where those branches have more branches. As the book the art of war by sun tzu teaches us: the best way to conquer a country is by conquering the cities one by one instead of thinking about conquering the entire country all  at once. The same goes for online marketing where the only difference is that to be successful you don’t have to conquer every city. One branch of that gigantic tree is enough for you to be successful. A good one to start with if you have no experience is affiliate marketing.

The power of affiliate marketing

For the ones who don’t know, affiliate marking in a nutshell is a type of marketing where instead of promoting it’s own products he/she promotes someone else’s and gets a commission off every sale/referral.

The reason why affiliate marketing is so powerful is that it drives the cost of starting an online business to even lower levels than what  it already is. The reason why this happens is that by promoting someone else’s business there is no need to spend time or money developing a product. That time is spent looking for an amazing product with not much competition to promote instead. And a part of that money is spent buying a sample of the product that the marketer wants to promote to make sure it actually is good. The last one is not required, but buying the product and using it, is a good way of testing it’s quality and gives more material to talk about when the time comes to do the promotion.

No need to create a new product also reduces the need for special skills related to product development. Which means even less time and money is needed to invest in education.


Where to start

There are a few places to start. But two of them stand out. They are: Clickbank and WealthyAffiliate.



Click Bank is a platform that connects the affiliates(the marketers who promote other people’s products in exchange of a commission) with the people who want to have their products promoted by affiliates. The strongest point of this platform can also be it’s weakest, since it’s strong point is that it offers to the affiliate a vast amount of products to choose from. The down side is that  not all offers are good,  and it might be required some product research to get a good return. That mix of good and bad products can make the learning process of the newbies take even longer, since if you’re not successful in a PPC(pay per click) campaign for example, it becomes more difficult to know if the failure is due to the fact that the product is bad or plain old lack of experience of the affiliate.

2.Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate is a platform that focuses more on teaching the newbie how to create an online business as opposed to giving him/her a list of products to choose from. It has a collection of courses on marketing, SEO and PPC as well as weekly webinars all focused on making you better at online businesses. It also eliminates the need for product research(it least in the learning phase) since it also has it’s own affiliate program, plus a community of people who have their online businesses going on.


One more time, affiliate marketing is a good starting point because the low cost. But still nothing prevents you from building a business around  it.


It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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