The lean startup methodology as mentioned on the post What is a lean startup? is good for the ones who would like to start a new business but don’t have millions of dollars laying at the bank. Know that some products will be expensive to launch even if stripped out of any unnecessary features. If you’re trying to build an airplane factory for example, there is a pretty good chance that you’ll need a very, very large budget. It might be difficult to apply some of the principles of the lean startup methodology in some businesses, but for a good number it can certainly have some positive effects. So, if you’re not familiar with the lean start up method, a good read is certainly the book: The lean startup by Eric Ries.



The lean startup book review

The content is explained in an easy to understand manner. It certainly is a good for business newbies since there is no complicated jargon involved. There are lots to learn from each chapter, and although reading all of it is the best thing to do, reading any of them alone already bring lots of value.



The overall idea or at least one of the core ideas of the book is that iteration since day one is probably a better way than attempting to build that one “perfect” product that will overnight, conquer an entire market and be a source of riches to its founders. By focusing on developing and launching a minimum viable product and from there continuously testing every new idea for the product in the same way a scientist tests his hypothesis’s, loads of money can be saved as well as emotional pain.
So, the big take out is test, test, test. Since it’s only through testing our assumptions that we can learn and even learn new and valuable insights.


It is all about knowledge and experience;)

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