In this post you’ll learn the answers for the questions: What is the product market fit definition? and where does it fit on the lean startup picture.


The lean startup methodology as mentioned on the previous posts, motivates entrepreneurs to build products and through the interpretation of the results after the launch, better understand the target costumer and thus improving the product on the following iteration. Apart from a better understanding of the costumer’s needs and desires, the teachings of the lean startup methodology bring the product closer a phenomena called: product market fit.


Product market fit definition

A product market fit is in simple words the alignment of the features of a product/the product itself with the true needs of the market that consumes it. In the world of romance, it would be that perfect partner that nearly all humans look for since the moment they started finding other people attractive. A product in this stage is not the result of guesses of what the costumers want and need. The product fits the needs and wants of the costumer.

The lean startup and product market fit

One of the things that sits right on the root of the lean startup methodology is the idea of build->measure->learn iterations. It’s true power is that when this “algorithm” becomes an infinite cycle, on each iteration the product gets closer and closer to the product market fit idea. This is assuming that whatever is learned in one iteration is implemented on the next.


The closer a product gets to what costumers really want/need the more appealing it will be, since there are still many businesses that operate on the idea that they already know everything there is to know about the costumer but don’t.





It is all about knowledge and experience;)

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