Negative SEO Techniques

In this post you’ll learn about what are negative SEO techniques and if they are worth the effort.

When the subject is search engine optimization, the first two things that come to mind are: “on page or off page?”. The top of mind idea is that SEO is all about improving a website or a piece of content in order to increase the chances that it will rank high in the search results. The assumption is that once both are optimized(the website and the content), the level of traffic will sooner or later increase. This is true, but there is certainly at least one more SEO that although not talked about as much, it is still practiced by some people on the web. This form of SEO is called: negative SEO.


Negative SEO techniques

Negative SEO, is a form of search engine optimization, that takes advantage of black hat SEO techniques to sabotage a competitor’s website. A very important factor in the ranking potential of a website for a particular keyword is the competition: A.K.A a of websites also trying to rank high for the same keyword. Just like you, there exist a number of other websites trying to get an edge in order to get high rankings in the search results. Some try White hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO, black hat SEO and some try to get that edge by bringing their competitors down.

Below are a few examples of negative SEO:

  1. Hacking a competitor’s website
  2. Targeting a website with spam links through the usage of link farms
  3. Scraping as a way to make the website’s content be seen as duplicate content
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Are they worth the effort?

Well,. Although they might work if you don’t get caught, if you do, the result is just not worth it. There are three reasons for this:(1) the case the victim finds out, you might be at risk of being a victim and it just makes you lazy. Any person is a possible ally or business partner, and stabbing people on the back is a recipe for making enemies.(2)Winning by eliminating the competition on the other hand, will simply prevent you from growing. It’s the same as scoring an A in a test when you have the answers ahead.(3) To be more effective, hacking is required, and even for people skilled with computers, this is not an easy task.

It is all about knowledge and experience;)

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