Marketing To Early Adopters

In this post you’ll learn a few ways to find early adopters and the answer for the question: why do they matter?


On the post Innovation adoption curve, we said that an innovative idea/product should before anything else, be exposed to early adopters. People who happen to be raging fans of the niche/class of products the product is coming from. The reason for that being that (1) They are more forgiving of imperfections and (2) They give you the chance to improve the product before it becomes mainstream. So, if you have a product already developed, the next one thing is to find the possible early adopters and present it to them.


Marketing to early adopters

As mentioned above, early adopters will provide you with one of the most valuable things: feedback. On the early stages of the product/service, these are the people who will probably be willing to give it a try and offer some feedback. So, how can I find early adopters?


Step #1

The first step to find early adopters of a class of products is to understand exactly who they are. The idea is to make a crystal clear description of who they might be, their tastes, age, sex, life-style, habits, etc. The reason for this is that it’s impossible for you to find anything if you don’t know what it is. You could literally be looking at it but not knowing it.

Step #2

The second step is to take the information from step one and deduce the possible places this particular set of early adopters can be found. If the step one is well executed, the answers for the questions made on this step will be partially answered. Let’s assume the early adopter you have in mind is a teenager, camera enthusiast who is probably already making money by taking pictures. One good idea of a place would be schools that have some form of magazine that happens to be managed by students. Magazines need pictures for their stories, and if the magazine is managed by students, there is a pretty good chance that at least one of them is a camera enthusiast.


Common places to find early adopters in general are:

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Youtube channels
  • Social media

Notice that each one of the sources above the source must be about the niche of the product you’re developing. So if your product is a new vitamin for gym goers, poossible sources of early adopters could be: fitness forums, fitness blogs, YouTube channels whose content is about fitness and social media accounts that post mostly about fitness.





It is all about knowledge and experience;)

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