Life is probably the best teacher anyone can have. No matter how stubborn you are, or how strong are your convictions, if you happen to be crossing an important lesson of life, you will, sooner or later learn it. A drug addict sooner or later always ends up having that glimpse of clarity showing him that “no, what you’re doing is not cool”. Sometimes the ultimate teaching method of life is death itself. The person is just so difficult to teach that only the most extreme of the measures can get the point across. Just like in life, there are also lessons to be learned in the business world. You’ll certainly find some of them in textbooks, but a big chunk of them can only be learned through experience.

Lessons learned in business

The business world just like life also has its “own” methods to make people learn its lessons. In life the ultimate measure is death. In the business world the ultimate measure is the death of the business. All those businesses that had to be closed or sold at a price less than what it was once worth, are examples of businesses that failed to learn/implement crucial aspects of the business world.

There are actually many, many lessons to be learned in the business world(just like anywhere else). Each if applied to a business have the potential to make it grow. One of the most powerful ones is about the learning phase itself from the lean startup methodology.

The learning phase of the lean startup methodology

After building and measuring, the third phase is learning. The learning doesn’t come from textbooks or advisers, but through the application of the scientific method when measuring the results of whatever was built. The learning if it actually occurs, gives to the business a new piece of insight that can help it betters build products for and serve the costumer. This insight can be a competitive advantage for the business and if powerful enough make it dominate an entire market, becoming a monopoly. When the business fails to learn from the results of its previous launch it becomes more purpose to make the same mistakes in the future.

One mistake can be forgivable, but a series of them can prove deadly to the business, specially in highly competitive markets.
It is through the lessons learned on the field that a business can grow.







It is all about knowledge and experience;)

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