In this post you’ll find a few valuable lessons I learned from many of Jim Rohn’s educational material.

When it comes to education material and inspirational material, most of us tend to go straight to the self-help section of the library. Although this might be the right thing to do if you’re planning to improve your life and your knowledge base, it’s not the whole recipe. The reason for this is that it’s not enough to simply hear the lessons of the ones who have something to teach. It’s also important to know who to listen to, since by listening to the wrong people we can quickly get good, but good at the wrong things. One of those whose educational material and ideas deliver a two motivational and educational punch is Jim Rohn.

Lessons I learned from Jim Rohn

When it comes to business, we tend to think that the only way we can improve our own is by making sure we study every business related book we can find at the library. Although this might be a part of it, one aspect of success that is gaining some attention as time goes by, but is still underrated is our ways of thinking. As Jim Rohn once said on one of his tapes, by not paying attention to the way you think about life and problems, you can quickly get off track on the road to success little by little, by making small and hard to notice mistakes. Those mistakes tend to be compounded as time goes by, and unless you spot them early enough you can find yourself in the completely opposite side of where you wanted to be in the first place. Below are three ideas from Jim Rohn that you can implement today to your life and business.


1. The law of Averages

The law of averages is by far the most powerful idea I’ve learned from Jim Rohn. The basic idea of the law of averages is that one can have an idea of how much he needs to do to be successful, by trying enough times and writing down the rate of failures vs Success. As he once said:

“If you try something often enough a ratio will appear”.

This idea can be better understood in the context of sales, where one hardly starts off with any major degree of success. If you’re a novice in sales, then instead of trying to come up with the best “killer” sales pitch, you should try to talk to as many people as possible and then you write down your ratio of successes. So if for every 100 people you approach 1 buys, then your ratio of success is 1/100. Now you know that in order to make 2 sales you need to approach at least 200 people. The advantage of increasing your number of trials apart from the greater odds of success, is that with time you also get better at what you do. If your initial ratio is initially 1/100, as time goes by its normal for the ratio to get to 2/100, or 3/100, and the number of trials required to make a sale declines. The saying that matches this idea is: “I make up in numbers what I lack in skill”.

2. The idea of reaping and sowing

The idea of reaping and sowing is another very powerful way of thinking that I learned from Jim Rohn that also had a major impact in my life. As the world becomes more developed in terms of resources and science, the younger generations are brought up with the not so helpful idea that they are entitled to have whatever they want. The truth is that the world owes us nothing, and as Jim Rohn tried to explain on the book Take Charge of your life, we tend to get from the world what be put in.

It’s true that we sometimes get what we want with minimal to no effort, like the lotto winners do, but more often than not we don’t. In school the ones with the greatest marks were the ones who dedicated some time to review the material after class, and the ones who have the happiest families and relationships tend to be the ones who make an effort to make their relationships better.

3. Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better

This is the third but by no means the least important. If anything it’s just as important as the first two. The “don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better” saying of Jim Rohn offers us a new framework with which to think of problems and our lack of success in some areas of life. When we find difficulties we tend to wish for the challenge to be lighter, while forgetting that we are the reason why the challenge in front of us feels difficult in the first place.

This piece of advice serves as a motivation to always try to improve yourself. One possible reason why the not yet solved problems of today remain unsolved, might be that we are just not smart/don’t know enough. It’s common in science for when the solution for a hard problem is finally found, to entire classes of problems related to it to be solved in a matter of months following the discovery, if not weeks or days. What this teaches us is that sometimes the reason why we struggle to solve some of the problems that life throws at us is that we simply don’t know enough, as opposed to the problem being hard. The quickest solution for this kind of problem is the old: library.



These are the 3 most powerful lessons I learned from Jim Rohn but not the only ones. If yo’re not familiar with his material, I advise you to start by watching his seminars on YouTube as well as reading the book Take charge of your life. To many and myself included, it serves as a source of inspiration, but it can also serve as a source of wisdom. Give it a try 🙂 .




It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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