In this post you’ll find a few of the lessons I leaned from the author of the best seller book 10x rule Grant Cardone, that you can apply today to your business and live.

Success in live and business although not common, it still has a considerable sample we can draw some knowledge from. That sample is composed of the people we see making great change and impact in not only their own lives, but also in the lives of others and the planet in general. The exact formula that makes successful people successful is not clear, but there is a set of things we can emulate from them that would increase our odds of success. The person we’ll be discussing today is Grant Cardone.


Lesson I learned from Grant Cardone

If you watch Grant Cardone’s YouTube videos or read his books, you’ll quickly become aware of his energy, which might right away be one possible reason why he’s so successful. There are lots to learn from the books “10x rule” and ” If you’re not first you’re last”, and if you have some time at hands, reading them would certainly be a good investment of your time and money. Below are a few of the ideas I learned from Grant Cardone’s YouTube Videos as well as books.


1. Take over the competition

The way we deal with competitors has lots to say about how much success we can get in our lives. With his famous question “competition or domination?”, Grant Cardone attempts to shift the mentality of the listener from that of a person who competes, to that one of the person who only thinks about dominating the competition. Although similar in understanding, they are not similar in meaning. When one’s focus is only to dominate the competition or a market in general, one is willing to to anything to place the competition in second. “Dominating” is about taking over a niche/market as opposed to sharing it with other players. One company that got pretty close to the idea of domination over competition was Google, which dominated the search engine space in such a way that it attained the amazing feat of having its name as a synonym for Search.

The business that resembles the idea of domination the closes is the one that tends to be perceived as a monopoly, where the business grows so big that it can no longer be compared to its competitors.

2. Just because they love you don’t mean they are the best advisers

Grant Cardone has mentioned on many of his tapes and books that often, the people he loved weren’t the best at giving him advice to help him become more successful. What happens with us humans, is that we have a hard time in distinguishing great advice from poor advice. As long as the person seems confident about what she’s talking about, we are quick to assume they know what they’re talking about and thus their advice must be sound. The problem lies on the fact that as the world evolves, we tend to encourage pretty much anybody to be confident even if that confidence is backed up by nothingness. Today we see more and more people behaving confidently, while having less and less of value to show and give. And those are the people who seem to have something of value to offer but actually don’t know what they’re talking about.

So he advises us to watch out for the kinds of advice we let inside our heads and thus make part of our day to day lives. As the motivational speaker Jim Rohn teaches us on his books, a small error on your path compounded over time will get you to the wrong place. So, a big part of doing the right thing comes from knowing who to listen to, and the quickest way to know whether we should value what a person is saying, is by looking at what the person accomplished. In other words don’t ask a poor person how to be a millionaire. Ask a millionaire how to be a millionaire.

3. Go all In

We live in a time in which the have options on anything we can possibly think of. From the array of possible careers one can pick at any given time, to the number of people the same person can choose as friends and partners for live, lack of options is one of those problems that can be said to be reserved to the ones who lived in the past.

We know that there is no such a thing as something for nothing, and one thing that comes as an expense from the unlimited array of options we have, is that we lose the need to stick to anything. A failure or two is usually enough for us to pick a different path, still with the hopes that the new path is the one that will take use where we want to go. The “all in” mentality of Grant Cardone is about committing to something at the deepest level possible.

One way to instead such a commitment is by following the “burn your ships” idea from the book Think and grow rich by Napleon Hill, Which is in essence about eliminating the option to back away/quit from the table. This can be done by making your goal public, in the sense that failure and quitting are much more painful and embarrassing than persisting with your goal.


4. Read the books

Reading books is by far one of the peaces of advice the successful give the most to the ones who want to make success a part of their lives. Grant Cardone teaches us to look at books as an investment. This is in the sense that when you pay lets say, $30 for a book, with the knowledge you get you can get a 2x or 3x return on your investment, and depending on the books you pick you can get much more than that. The gadgets we buy on the other hand, decrease in value the moment we leave the store. As Jim Rohn once said: “you should work harder in yourself than you to in your job”.



Grant Cardone is a highly energetic Speaker that can as he teaches also motivate you. As mentioned before, great places where you can learn more about his ideas and wisdom are from the books he published. Among them are: The 10x rule and If you’re not first you’re last.


It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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