Keyword Density Definition

In this post you’ll learn what keyword density is, which one is optimal and why.

When it comes to Search Engine optimization, there are many aspects to target in order to get good rankings in the search results. The reason why many people still bother in making their content as “perfect” as possible for the eyes of the search engines, is that the search engines pretty much control the amount of traffic a website gets. Its true that the visitor is the one who chooses the website from the search results and is the one who clicks on the link, making him the one with the final word, but the decisions he makes are based on what google gives him/her.


The fact that the search engines have the power to put a certain website in the first page of the search results is motive enough to believe that YES, they directly or indirectly have power over the amount of traffic each website receives. So it is always a good idea to make the posts as appealing as possible to them, and one way is through keyword density. So, what is keyword density about?

Keyword density definition

As the name hints, the density in keyword density stands for the number of times the target keyword appears on the content expressed in percentage terms. There are many SEO tools these days that compute the keyword density for you and one of the most popular is Yoast SEO. If you still want to know how to do it by yourself, here is the formula:

Keyword density= (# of times the target keyword appears on the text / total # of the words written) x 100.

What is the best keyword density?

Well, if it was a couple years ago I would probably tell you that the greatest the keyword density the better. Because that element started being exploited of the internet, meaning instead of trying to write good content bloggers chose to simply stuff the target keyword in the blog posts solely for the purposes of getting high rankings, keyword density lost much of its power/influence over the search engines’ ranking decisions. So, the answer for the question above is : make sure the target keyword appears on the content at least once, more is still good, but as long as it comes natural with the flow of the text.

Focus on creating amazing content in the first place and think about optimization later.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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