In this post you’ll find a few interesting business ideas you were probably not aware of.

Business just like the living beings on earth, come in different sizes and shapes. Today there is so much variety, that the old excuse that “it takes money to make money” can only be reserved to the self admitted lazy. The reason for this is that in the same way that there are businesses for the already wealthy, there are also businesses for the ones who have not more than a small budget to start. One example is online marketing, which requires no more than a website(which you can get for free these days), and some free time to create content. If you’re on the look for interesting business ideas, below are a few.

Interesting business ideas

Know that the business ideas below although interesting, may require from you some time and money to invest upfront, and above all, the willingness to learn how things work and master the business from inside out. If this is not a problem for you, then go ahead… keep reading 🙂 .


1. Sponsoring talented artists

One great business to get into is that of a talent hunter. There are so many people gifted with rare talents, but a big part of them often for monetary reasons, have to conform to 9 to 5 jobs that they are not necessarily happy with. For artists such as musicians or painters, this is even more common, since they are on the kind of business in which they can either “Go big or go home” . So, if you are one of those people who is able to tell when a person really is talented, and has a chance to make it big on their area of expertise, or the person is just a dreamer, you can use this sense of awareness over people to spot new stars way before most of the big producers do.

This kind of business might require some money from you, but the biggest part of the job is not so much on the money, but on finding the right people to connect your artist to. So, the ability to make deals and convince people that your artist really is worth it, is what you have to work on if you want to make part of this kind of business.

Another important skill is to be able to motivate people. Artists, specially the struggling ones, might not have their money to lose if they choose to make a life off their talents, but they certainly have a load of emotional investment invested to it. So, insecurity about their talents and whether their dreams will come true, might be the kind of things you’ll need to learn how to manage.


2. Exporting/importing goods

The business of importing and exporting goods has been around for a while, and with the improvement on shipment transportation and safety of delivery, doing business is less risky than it used to be. If you are to get into this kind of business, a big portion of your job boils down to two major tasks:

1- Finding products in demand in your country if you’re importing, or finding products in demand on the country you plan to export products to.

2- Finding places from which you can buy what you’re trying to import/export in bulk and for a cheaper price than you plan to sell, so you can make a profit.

Both tasks just like most things that matter in life require some time to learn and master to do effectively. One way to shorten the time it takes for you to learn how to do things well is to contact the people who are already on the business, and doing well. They are the ones who can help you find the best products to import/export as well as the places to do your shopping. One underrated variant of this kind of business is to export/import used products to third world countries.

3. Selling your own clothing online

Long gone are the days in which one needed to be a professional fashion designer or owning a clothing factory to be able to build a clothing brand. As long as you have some taste for clothes and some ease to come up with new pieces of clothing, your success will rely mostly on your level of commitment. More often than not we can find at least one person who likes the same things we do, no matter how rare those things are. The same thing happens with clothing. With the internet, you get the power to reach the entire planet with your products without having neither a large budget, nor advanced computer skills. Most of the tools you need to reach the people who would like and buy your products already exist, and some of them are free.

4. Buying parts of other businesses

Another great business idea is to simply buy/sell parts of businesses. The big problem with this one is that it might require some money and business knowledge from you. If you are intrerested on investing in other business, a good place to start is the library. Buying businesses is more complicated than it sounds, and lots of people spend years if not decades to understand how to spot and buy the right ones. In the library you can find and learn from the opinions of the best through their books, which can as a result cut years if not decades off your learning time. Great books you can start reading are: The intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham, and The personal MBA by Josh Kaufman.

A good place to get a taste of how it might feel to own a business is the stock market. When you buy stocks you own a share of a business, and by learning how to find the right stocks to buy, you also get to learn about the right businesses to buy, since for both it’s important to study what goes by the name of: the fundamentals. The problem with buying stocks is that it’s very easy for people to attempt to gamble instead of studying the business. The look for the one “killer” stock that will make us millions overnight, is the reason why many people lose their money in the stock market.



For each of the ideas above, you will need to learn the set of skills required to be successful. So, the first step after deciding what you want to do, is to find out what yo need to learn and master to be successful; and for this one, your greatest ally is the old: Google.




It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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