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  1. When you work on yourself and become the master/mistress of your universe, you eventually come to realize that your opinion is all that matters. You eventually realize that some people will like you, some people will hate and what’s left will be neutral. The fact that someone doesn’t like you, might have nothing to do with your worth, but something as mundane as having them not like the shape of your nose, or how quickly or slowly you blink your eyes. So, from the set of those who will be inclined to dislike you, most will not be able to rationally explain the why behind their distaste. This is, of course, assuming that you, like most people, are not a member of the dark triad. This is assuming you’re doing the homework on yourself. Taking care of wounds and scars, making sure the wound eventually turns into a scar, and that the scar is not all you are about. And this is only possible when you work on yourself. Relentlessly.
  2. The way to live unbothered, is by accepting the fact that nobody is above criticism. When you grow the thick skin that allows you to differentiate true critiques from envy-fueled comments, foreign words will never be spicy or sweet enough to take you out of yourself. When you say you don’t care, you truly don’t care and people can tell. You move through life with a can-do attitude where the door is shown to those quick to find excuses for everything and anything, and respect is no longer something you beg for, but something you get automatically from every interaction. The way you think changes the way you carry yourself, which influences the way others experience what you call “you”.
  3. In meditation, there is the concept of not identifying with one’s emotions. Just because you feel like you should act angrily doesn’t mean you should. Just because you feel like you should act out doesn’t mean you should. And the thing is that once you accept this, you eventually realize that emotions like waves, come and go with the same intensity. On the way up you can almost guarantee the wave will keep going or stay up. Until it doesn’t. The same applies to your emotions, especially the feeling of inadequacy we all have when we imagine how we might look in someone else’s eyes. The feeling will come and go, and power exists in not giving into the wave, but havng it give in to you.
  4. There is power in not caring about what other people think. And this is only possible when you realize that that who criticizes, is most likely just as clueless as you are about everything else. Their need to assert momentary superiority is nothing but an attempt at gaining some form of control over that which they cannot control…which again, is most of everything else that composes their life. Just like you. We’re all in a bubble. The same bubble funnily enough, and there is no way to believe we’ve mastered it, without lying to ourselves. Because we can’t.
  5. The bubble of public opinion is a prison that keeps one captive, even as freedom as we know it remains unperturbed. What looks like might be what it seems, but might also not be what it is. What it really is I mean. Because you worry too much about what people think you spend most of your time not living but wondering. To get lost in public opinion is to waste time

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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