In this post you’ll learn a few tips on how to make money with the internet, that you can start applying today.

The internet is a very powerful place for the spread of knowledge and distribution of ideas. A good idea by itself can make wonders to the lives of both the ones who come up with the good ideas, and the ones who benefit from them through the purchase of the products/services those ideas are based on.

With the internet, a good idea has an even greater potential for success. Without the internet, a good product/service can only reach a certain number of people, but with it, even global reach can be achieved in a matter of weeks if not days. So, if you’re looking for one of the best spaces to make money, or to at the very least, learn how to make money, the internet is what you’re looking for. And there are to reasons for that: (1) The ability to reach the entire planet without having to spend lots of money and (2) The ability to start making money, with little to no starting capital. The second one, when learned, is essentially making money out of nothing.



How To Make Money With The Internet?

The internet has grown so much in terms of users over the years, that today, just like on the real world, there is a rich variety of business opportunities for both the ones who don’t have any money to start and the ones who do, the ones who don’t have lots of time to put on building the business and the ones who do, and probably even more important, for the ones who know nothing about computers. Below are a few ideas you can implement today, and if for some reason they don’t suit you, the core of each can quickly be applied to your hobbies.



1. Selling music

The music industry just like the internet has been around for a while, and it went through various transformations. In the beginning, one had to be present in order to be able to sell its songs. One artist would have a limited number of people he would be able to reach at any single day. Which means that he could only make so much money in any single day. With the invention of devices that allowed people to record their voices and distribute them to the masses, the musician gained the ability to reach its fans without having to be present. But there was one problem with the CD’s and other physical media of distribution of music: an artist could only sell so many of them. With the internet, this problem was solved. Now through platforms such as iTunes, an artist can record a song once, and sell it to the entire planet.

If singing is one of you passions, and you’re looking for a way to make money online, then selling your music online might be a good idea. By doing this, you get to not only build your fan base, but also to maximize the chances that a person of influence in the music industry will hear you and make you a contract offer. This is true even if you happen to be in a part of the world in which music is not as profitable.

YouTube is another platform you can take advantage of to make your music more popular. There are countless artists who through a single video made their fan base grow more than they ever dreamed, and artists whose producers were able to see their talent through YouTube.


2. Building a brand through your image

Today, we also get to see businesses being built around a people instead of products. If you watch YouTube videos for long enough, you’ll eventually bump into one of them. They are literally YouTube personalities who became popular because they created an interesting/useful channel around certain topic. People liked their content and their personalities, and that’s in essence, how they built a large following.

You can achieve the same through website content, but YouTube tends to be the best tool for this, since people tend to like more and spend more time watching short videos as opposed to reading posts. So, with a large following you can build a brand, and with a brand you can take one of two routes: (1) Sell your own products and/or (2) promote other people’s products. Whichever you pick, both tend to be very profitable as the number of your subscribers grow to the thousands.

For this kind of business there are two very important things: (1) The ability to come up with valuable content in the form of videos, and (2) An engaging personality.

3. Teach

Sometimes the most valuable thing we have to offer is what we have in our brains. The things we’ve learned either through experience or through reading/taking courses have the potential to change someone else’s life other than our own. If you know a lot about a specific topic, let’s say, dating, or health, you can take advantage of this by coming up with a product. The product could be a book in either the audio and text version(or both), and online courses. The beauty of the internet is that just like with music, you can also create an educational product once, and sell it to the entire planet. It’s simply easier to make more copies of a document in a computer, than a document in paper.

For educational material there is a vast array of platforms you can sell it through. For books, at least the written version, you can use amazon; for audio books, amazon’s audible, and for courses an amazing platform to sell is Udemy.

4. Promote other people’s ideas

One very profitable and growing way of making money through he internet is by promoting other people’s products. More often than not, anyone who dreams about starting a business doesn’t have enough resources to do so. They can either look for funding, if they have a really good idea, or save their way into starting a business. For the ones in the search for ways to make money online, the most common starting place is affiliate marketing.

To put in simple words, in affiliate marketing, you promote someone else’s product, and for each sale you make a commission. There are many ways this can be done. Examples are: promoting the product on the social media, on a YouTube channel, or through a website. The last two require some work and learning upfront but with some effort can be done.

To learn more about affiliate marketing read here: What is an affiliate marketing program?


There are many more ideas you can implement with the aid of the internet. Its greatest power as we discussed above is the nearly instantaneous reach anyone with a good idea gets to benefit from. So, as amazing as it might sound, there is a chance that today, even if you find that the ideas above don’t suit you, you can find in one of your hobbies a way to make money through the internet. It’s all a matter of looking deeper 🙂 .

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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