In this post you’ll find a few ways to profit from amazon that you can start implementing today.

When it comes to make money through the internet, there exists an array of options that one can take advantage of. A big portion of them either don’t really help you on building a reliable stream of income, or the money is so little that is negligible. There will always be someone showing up with one “killer method” to make money online that requires no effort from you.

If such method existed, the person selling the product should either be the richest person in the world, or just like it always happens with new highly profitable products/markets, the market/niche should be saturated. Everybody hears about the opportunity and rushes to get it. Before you notice what used to make you thousands of dollars immediately without much effort, doesn’t anymore because of the competition. The strategies to make money online that have been proven to work, like anything else in life require from some work from you to be successful at. One of them is, which grew to into the biggest e-commerce company on the planet on the span of 20 years, and has helped countless people building their online businesses.


How to make money with amazon?

The e-commerce king amazon is about one and one thing only: value in the form of products. There is a vast selection of products one can chose from when shopping, and at the lowest prices. Just like any market place/business, amazon needs two things to work well: people who want to sell, and people who want to buy. It’s by focusing on any of the previous parts that you can make a profit through, instead of being just a shopper.

1. Sell your own products

Amazon can be an amazing place to make money online if you have your own products to sell and they also offer massive value to its users. There is no need to (1) rent space for a physical store, nor coding skills to (2) to build your own online store. All the heavy lifting of programming was already done for you.

Another advantage is the fact that amazon is one of the first places that comes to mind to many, when they start their online shopping journey. There you benefit from the massive numbers of traffic that comes in and out on a daily basis, that you would have to invest some SEO time and in a website of your own to get a fraction of. So, with all the infrastructure built for you, your job is really boiled down to finding the right offers to make, and the right products to sell.

Your biggest opportunities just like in business are on the things that have the greatest demand while having the lowest supply. These are rare objects/products, that weren’t released yet and you were somehow able to get them before the competition, also the ones that you can somehow get for cheaper price than usual, and the ones that there is simply few people selling them.

When you’re able to get products for a cheaper price than the competition does, you gain the advantage of being able to also set lower prices than the competition, which can by itself make your offers more appealing to the buyers and translate into more sales for you.

Assuming that selling is more your thing, and you’d like to try amazon marketplace out, here is the link to start selling on amazon.

2. Become an affiliate

Selling your own products is not the only way to make money through amazon. You can also become and affiliate.

For the ones who don’t know, people who make money as affiliates do so by promoting other people’s products and earning a commission for each sale. There are other variants of affiliate programs in which you get paid not by the number of sales, but by the number of new email addresses/contact information you generate to the company in which you’re an affiliate at. The core idea is the same. You attract new prospects to a business and you get a fee for each.

It is all about generating traffic and getting clicks to your affiliate link. The source is irrelevant, meaning that some people promote the service/product through paid advertising, while others through organic traffic.


If you choose the paid traffic route, two amazing sources are google adwords and bing ads. The biggest problem with paid traffic is that if the landing page you designed doesn’t convert well, you can quickly run out of money without making any sales. This is why if you do choose to get traffic from paid sources, that you should apply some form of split testing to your pages with a small amount of money at first, and when you do find the variant that converts the best, you can safely scale up the campaign.


If you choose the organic traffic route, the standard strategy is to get so through the creation and publication of content that relates to the class of products you chose to promote. If want to promote TV’s, then it follows that you should create a website about TV’s, or electronic equipment, and come up with valuable content about TV’s/electronic equipment. For organic traffic building strategies, the sources of traffic are mainly the search engines followed by social media websites such as Facebook/twitter, where content is probably the most important thing. Here, well crafted and useful content is the name of the game. The formula is simple: you create valuable content in order to get traffic.

For the TV website example, examples of valuable content are: reviews of TV sets as well as content about the intricacies of certain kinds of TV’s to TV lovers.

Usually, when you become an affiliate, you get paid for promoting the products/services of a particular business. With amazon on the other hand, you get paid for the traffic and sales of pretty much any product. Since many businesses get to sell their products through amazon, you have an array of options to choose from when building your website or landing page for promotion.


Here is the link to the amazon associates join page if you want to try out the affiliate route.


It doesn’t really matter where you chose to start. A good majority of people who start on the online marketing world, start first as affiliates to other people’s businesses. They learn first how to generate targeted traffic and how to make money through it, and then go out to create their own products and businesses. This is not the rule, but as you’re probably aware of, it takes money to as the saying goes, make money. To create a product you not only need an idea, but also the capital to the development as well as packaging of the idea. Most who start online don’t have the capital to come up with a product, and the money they earn as affiliates is what helps them on the development of their own products.




It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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