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How to know yourself, the easiest way to get to know and maybe even understand someone, is by studying their actions and motivations. And this also applies to the individual, as often enough we are quick to explain away what we do, while ignoring the triggers behind the things we do. Our motivations I mean. The easiest way to get to know and maybe even understand yourself is by studying your actions and motivations, and accepting the truth however ugly or pleasant it may be.


They say you are the average of your closest peers. I say, the kind of people you decide to spend most of your time with say a lot to say about who you are as a person. Yes, your peers do have an influence, but before any “influencing” can take place, one has to do the choosing first. Hanging out with criminals might increase the odds of you subscribing to the idea, but something in you must have been attracted by the kind of person to whom crime is acceptable. You need to find out what that is as early as you can, or the alternative will be the all too familiar pattern of broken relationships, to broken relationships, all mistakes that could have been avoided, if you only took the time to know yourself better.


Remember that anger and insecurities are different manifestations of loss of control… And there are lots to be learned from the moments when the rational side leaves us to the mercy of our true selves. When the emotional takes the lead and what may result from it a total mystery. Instead of hiding or suppressing, try understanding, and you might be pleasantly surprised to the realization that by understanding who you are and what makes you tick, you gain control over this very self, or at the very least get yourself one step closer to the hard to reach ideal of self-mastery. Instead of shying away from it, try to understand why you get angry about the things that make you angry. Try to understand why you feel insecure about the things that make you insecure.


One cannot know oneself without first accepting the worst possible version of this same self. Remember that the truth doesn’t care about taste or feelings. The truth just is, and you might come to realize one day, that you’re not as good, moral, loyal, smart, or creative as you think. And unless you can be honest with yourself, self-knowledge will be like trying to come out victorious in a game in which you are both the hero and the villain.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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