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  1. Motivation is the kind of spark whose chemistry varies from person to person. You might find that like most people, rewards are what keep you up at night. Slaving away even as a free man/woman, with all the rights and benefits that come along with it. You slave away because you need to. Not because you have to… Or. You might find that pain is even more enticing. And the fear of losing it all is even more powerful when compared to the drug-like feeling of the mere imagination of success. To keep the motivation spark alive and well, it’s a must to discern exactly what may be ,that which turns your ignition o,n and metamorphizes you into super. Even if only for a brief moment.
  2. The drive to keep going when the world says no, or the motivation to keep going when all the world says is “yes”, is a secret revealed only to those who keep searching for themselves. You have to remember that you are the leader of your own ship, and that the crew suffers when the leader is lost. Because when that means the crew is also lost. Which means all is lost? The only thing to keep in mind here is that you are both the captain and the crew. The leader and the follower. So you need to know what you’re about for you. For the crew, you have to lead. And just because the crew is a singleton, doesn’t make it any less worthy of good leadership. How you do anything is how you do everything after all right?
  3. One way to stay motivated is by channeling the darkness in you. If you’re particularly vindictive, and someone doubts your abilities, instead of complaining, the most useful approach might just be to prove them wrong. We live in a world in which only the positive aspects of the human psyche are praised. Natural human emotions such as jealousy, anger, and the feeling of vindictiveness are all labeled and locked into the “useless and harmful” box. So we spend our entire lives either fighting those feelings or ignoring them, not knowing they too can be recycled into good. Even negative emotions can be of use, as long as you treat them like radioactive material. Misuse or mishandling will result in damage, but again, just because the negative is possible, doesn’t make the good impossible.
  4. To remain interested in any endeavor long enough to see results, one may have to pull from multiple sources of motivation as opposed to one. Eventually, your main source of motivation will fail for one reason or another. Temporarily in the best case, permanently in the worst, and you have to be prepared. When you have multiple sources of motivation going on at once, you get to experience something new. If one or more happen to be available at the same time, what you see is the whole being more than the sum of the parts. Peak performance. In the worst case, what you see is consistency. You might not be at your utmost best, but at the very least you remain interested enough, and for long enough to see results. Either way, you win.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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