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  1. The more you work the worthier you become to that which you work for. One might not win in the end, but there is no better consolation prize in life, than the feeling of having done all one could do to accomplish a goal and to know that failure was not due to a weakness of character or personal flaws, but mother luck. And to know that’s out of your hands.
  2. The harder you work, the better your self-image. Not because hard work makes you look good in society’s eyes, but because you look good in your own eyes. In your self-perceptionā€¦To be able to work hard, better yet to be able to work hard on anything, regardless of interest or passion, is the pinnacle of self-mastery, as this is the moment when the pleasure of the senses become irrelevant, and the big picture vision takes the front seat on the theatre of personal motivation.
  3. To be able to work hard one needs a driving force. Something that stokes the fires of motivation and that keeps the same fire alive for as long as it takes to see a task through to completion. If not money, or food, let it be your legacy, or your present or future children. And if that doesn’t do it for you, let the pride of completion be the driving force behind your incessant effort to accomplish. Whatever it may be, need not be sexy in the eyes of society, as long as it keeps you going for long enough to allow you to turn an idea into reality. Whatever it may be is personal to you and you alone.
  4. Hardowork is a habit born out of the habit of completion. When you know you can finish what you start regardless of how long it may take, hard work suddenly becomes that which you do and but never notice and that which others see and associate with you. So from now on, try to finish what you start no matter how small or irrelevant, and step by step your way to bigger and harder challenges.
  5. By spending time in an environment in which hard work is the norm, slack and laziness become as painful and unpleasant as the work you now try to avoid. Some of us are motivated by pain instead of pleasure, and if nothing motivates you to perform at your best, let the fear of loss or defeat be your guide. You will be surprised how much you can get done when you give in to the nightmares that make your personal horror story.

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