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At the start of each day it’s important to maintain a ritual, and if you don’t have one to start. To start now, as this is one of the most important things of all. The most important thing in the set of all things one can find to be important or in any way relevant. To have a good day one needs to have a ritual of success. One has to kickstart the domino process of cause and effect that takes them from the slow and slumber-like state of awakeness that morning wakeness represents, to the feeling one has at the end of a productive day. And it’s from productive day to productive day that one ends this journey we call life with trophies and medals, as opposed to broken dreams and unfulfilled expectations. To have a good day, or better yet, a string of good days, it’s imperative that one brings to awareness that which brings one’s strengths into high gear, as opposed to that which brings weaknesses and insecurities into the spotlight. In short, you need to know when and exactly what makes your day a good day, and much like a general or a state’s strategist, to devote oneself to the day by day application or implementation of one’s unique strengths in the right way and at the right time in the battlefield of life as a way to change the status quo, if not of the world, of at least one’s own backward. But first you need a ritual of success. Something that kicks your best self into high gear. To as Steven Kotler once said, find that which kicks you into hyperspace.


To have a good day, or better yet a great day… the key is to expect it to be. When you expect greatness, greatness is what’s most likely to rise from the occasion. As it’s when you both burry the seed of success in hope, and irrigate it regularly with hard work that prosperity blossoms effortlessly into one’s dreams manifested in reality. To have a good day you have to both expect it to be, while working like you would if you woke up late, got stuck in traffic, with the full awareness of an impending deadline. To win one needs to both hope and do the work.


Good days come more often when one doesn’t expect any particular day to be a good one, and instead just expects to work hard, to produce high-quality work, or to go beyond one’s own expectations. When your main goal is to give a good performance whether as an artist or an artisan, that you’re the most likely to hit your stride. To get into the zone. To become superhuman. Even if only for a few hours or a few seconds. These few moments of regular day-to-day greatness are what turn a good day into a good week, then a month and at the end of a good year. But no pressure. What matters is what you have to do today and now.


It’s when you expect hell that the smallest sliver of pleasure feels like heaven. It’s when you expect to lose that the littlest silver of success makes one feel twice as victorious. The way to a good day or a good life is, as Charlie Munger once said, through the management of one’s expectations. To hope for the best while expecting the worst. To make peace with the fact that you’ve lost. To make peace with the fact that the day is already the worst of your life. Even before the results are released and the day has even begun.


The greatest pleasure good days have to offer is nothing in comparison to the indifference of those who managed to master themselves have when the good day comes and they feel indifferent. The harder you work in general, and the harder you work on yourself more specifically, the lesser is the weight of good and bad days in your state of mind. There comes a time when good days are not amazing but nice, and bad days are not hell but nothing more than just an inconvenience. Good days that are not amazing are not ever interpreted as heaven. Bad days that are not horrible are not ever interpreted as hell. And neither of them is life-changing. Just another insignificant day in a series of all days we’ll all be forced to go through but never remember.


It’s from productive day to productive day that one sets up the following set of days, weeks, or months to meet the same standard. Remember each and every time you choose to do what has to be done regardless of how you may feel about it you set a precedent. How you do anything is how you do everything they say. Everything you do, not matter how small or insignificant it may seem matters, as even when they don’t move the major pieces that eventually lead you to victory, they at the very least create the conditions for such moves in the first place.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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