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  1. One way to face obstacles, while incurring as few emotional scars as possible, is to accept that hardships come for all, and to be mentally prepared for one’s turn. The way is to never fall for the illusion of permanence and safety only good times bring… to maybe even attempt to embrace the bitter and yet medicinal lessons only hard times can teach? Remember that preparation is half the battle, and the pain of the blow is offset by your degree of readiness. The pain of the blow is at the end of the day, a physical manifestation of a lack of preparation.
  2. Under stress, clarity of thought is the first to go, and the very thing that sets one up to go somewhere, as opposed to the undesired nowhere. The worst of it is that this all too familiar moment of insanity and all the destruction that comes along with it is always left for the sane you to take care of. Later, your decision to latch out at a loved one, take on a big expense, or quit on your life’s vision? all these will metamorphize into demons the darken your days and the ghosts that loom over your nights. A cool head is more than just the absence of emotional instability, but a demonstration of love towards one’s future self.
  3. The secret weathering of a storm of difficulty lies in not letting the inner turmoil grow out of control. To paradoxically close the door to panic, and to watch the chaos from as far away as possible, even as you find yourself right in the middle of it. Storms come and go like they have a mind of their own, but that need not mean they will be immune to your attitude and actions. As a bully, in whichever form it may present itself need not be perceived as a dragon, and that’s where you can find the power, strength, and confidence to overcome it. It’s all a matter of perspective.
  4. By looking forward to the future rewards and lessons to be cherished from present difficulties, you get to ease off on the struggle, even if for just a second. The same second that when looked at from the right perspective, clearly stands for more than just a second, but an infinite string of them, as this present second of rest will be the much-needed coffee break for your emotions and resolve. The break that allows your muscles, whether metaphorical or literal to rest just enough to as make the next step even possible. From one you get two.
  5. In a world in which the self is god even when the self believes in it, asking for help is somehow perceived as a sign of weakness. If you find yourself in this predicament, remember that unless the rules of the game are specifically in opposition to cries for help, anything is fair to win it. Even asking for help.

You will be surprised how much good asking for help can do. When you allow others to be of use to your cause, you give them the pleasure and the benefit of being able to ask a future favor in turn. By asking a person to help you, you don’t just help yourself, but the relationship, which in turn helps the individuals individually.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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