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  1. The road to peace is enlightened by the darkness that emerges from the demons that suck the light out of your days. The very demons whose existence you negate. The very same that don’t let you sleep at night…and if you do…I bet you don’t feel rested. Do you?
    The doors to peace only open when you get on good terms with the bad parts of you. The very same you’re ashamed of..even as you put a front of pride and self-acceptance… and you can be sure we all see it..we know of its existence…of this shameful part of you I mean…and we know of it because we are you, just as you are, in some ways, each and every one of us…the very same from whom you desperately try to hide the truth from. And the truth my friend, is where you find peace…why? Because unless you face the darkness, the darkness will be that itch you can never quite scratch so annoying it becomes the Capitan on this blood pressure roller coaster you will certainly have to face as a price for your unwillingness to face the demons within.
  2. You might find that by chasing peace you also find yourself in the process. In fact, you’ll know you’ve arrived when the murky clouds that stand in between you and yourself, finally turn into transparency and acceptance. The world might be confusing, but you’re not. At least not to yourself. At least not anymore. The sense of clarity of who you truly are, and what you’re about, and to confidently stand behind it is what peace feels like. And in its absence, this lack of clarity is what feeds the darkness that deprives your days of tranquility, and steals vitality away from every inhale of every breath you take. So, by looking for yourself you find more than just peace. You also find vitality. Strength.
  3. Peace, like wisdom, is an ever-moving target. To rest now is to trade what may come tomorrow for present comfort. Yes. Peace is not something you just stumble upon, but something you Sisyphus your way to…and the thing is that the only way away from frustration is somewhere in between acceptance and realistic expectations. You have to make peace with the fact that on your way to peace, you will struggle your way to almost success while never quite feeling like you made it. And once many times more, it will be on you to come to the realization that to rest now is to give up on what you’ve accomplished through prior sweat and tears. To once more give up present comfort for future health and prosperity inducing scars. To realize that your frustration with your inability to reach perfection might be the very thing that keeps you away from good enough. And good enough is not necessarily bad…just not as good as perfect..and just because perfect is better, doesn’t necessarily mean perfect is what you need. Perfect might just be overkill. More of a nice to have than a must-have. And this applies just as well to peace. Or peace of mind.
  4. The inner war of wills is the reason why peace often feels so elusive and hard to come by. To find peace, you have to become aware of this and develop strategies biased towards the victory of the side your most rational self deems to be the most deserving to win. Like it or not, peace does not require goodness or virtue as a pre-requisite, but only for inner consensus to be reached. And the disciplined restoration of it when the once calm sea begins to show evidence of waves…even when they’re just baby waves…
  5. Peace is a natural by-product of living in the present. And it’s from the anxiety produced by the past and the future, that contented relaxation becomes a struggle of astronomical proportions. If you want peace you have to learn to forget about and forgive yourself for the past and to let the future come when it comes, without trying to predict the unpredictable…

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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