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  1. The first and most important skill one can and needs to have, is the ability to do what needs to be done as opposed to what is pleasurable. At this age, when the complaints of the one now take more and more precedence over the many, the call for duty couldn’t ring louder. A strong work ethic comes from one’s mastery over oneself, and that begins with getting to doing the most unpleasant and insignificant task you can find, and to step by step your way to bigger and harder challenges. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you find yourself able to take on any task for the rest of your life if need be. Not that such a thing would ever happen, but the unwavering belief that you can is and it does matter very much.
  2. A good work ethic is as much about the work as it is about rest. We’re used to the idea of businessman/woman who works day and night for years working on their business, but forget that unlike machines, we are mere sacks of meat that eat, reproduce, and do need rest to recharge. Over time, the lack of proper rest will be that stone in the shoe that while letting you get to your destination, also does it by making you inefficient on the process. Work ethic is not about the caffeine-fueled bursts of arguably productive work, but about consistency. The long-run…
  3. The way to get things done is by getting things done first. Over time, with each successful completion, your emotional and often irrational and unhelpful side begins to connect the pleasure of completion, to the struggles of work. Which changes the way you see and feel about it completely. Like when you begin to do work for the sake of work, as opposed to the money or recognition it might bring, or when you treat it as the performance that it is, as opposed to just a job? That’s when you wake up underslept and still manage to pull it together, because to you, work is rewarding. And your newfound addiction must have the greatest PR team because the world sees it as work ethic. The madness is sane, and the bad is good, just because the world says it. But that’s a story for another day….
  4. If you’re capable of working on things for which you have no interest, you might find your productivity to be greatly enhanced when you finally start giving yourself to the things you do. That’s the juice of it at the end of the day. The difference between those who regardless of work never manage to succeed, and those who do is interest. As the simple fact that you have to will yourself to action already implies a waste of energy. When you come to work, you just don’t come at your best. You always come below the line. When you’re interested in the subject of work on the other hand, when you come to the office you bring more than just yourself. You bring you and all the potential and possibilities that come along with it. And that’s useful. When one is all about overcoming resistance, the other is about giving in to propulsion.
  5. Craftsmanship is one of the most time tested and yet lost in time ideas of all time. When you think like a craftsman you eventually learn to enjoy the work regardless of how mundane or boring it might be. The craftsman/woman for that matter cares about every detail, and perfection although unattainable is not discouraging but encouraging. Motivating if anything…. When your goal is to do the best job because it reflects on you, a work ethic to envy is a natural byproduct.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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