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  1. Strength of will is one of the few good things bound to be lost with increased comfort. Strength of will is the kind of thing only developed by the voluntary or involuntary facing of difficulties and hardships. Each moment of trial is an opportunity to turn present and perhaps even past anxiety for future certainty and security. At the end of the journey, you emerge renewed. Stronger. Wiser, and on some level maybe even grateful for the experience.

2.There is a very deep dillema barried even deeper deep within the idea of stength of will and strenght of character. Those who want it, invariably want it for money, power and influence. They want to become masters not only of their domains or universe, but of anything within the neighbourhood as well. They want to own everything. So this abitious man or woman works day and night. Rain. Snow. Holidays? Everyday was a work day and her two keys were 1.coffe and 2.her ability to will herself into working 16 hour days every day of every week for months and years to come. And she did succeed. That’s wasn’t the problem. See. When Ana finally arrived she realized that to keep winning she would have to keep her strength of will when it came to work. And the thing is that Anah is not the only one. The same should happen to any endeavor that requires strength of will. To keep winning you can’t get complacent. You have to keep up the hunger. You have to mentally live in deprivation, even as your physical self lives and bathes in luxury.

  1. The gates to mental strength are open only to those who are willing to stand up to life’s stone-throwing for a lifetime. To have mental strength is not just the ability to survive a crisis, but the ability to not only survive it but also come out with a few psychological scars as possible. To on top of that, also learn the right lessons, and this last one is probably the hardest of all, as our all too human inclination to tell stories to cope, also prevents us from learning the truth whatever it may be. However it may look like. Regardless of whether you like it or not. To have mental strength is to also resist the urge to story tell our way from the truth regardless of how raw or bitter. You might find that your ability to see reality for what it is is directly proportional to more extraneous matters such as your ability to endure cold or hunger. By working on the first you improve everything else.
  2. Mental strength, like tolerance for the bitter or the spicy, is the kind of thing one builds up through exposure to that which one struggles with, but over time. The discomfort might not go away completely, but it eventually fades away..eventually enough as to allow one to forget about it altogether. And to proceed to live as if nothing happened. To feel like superman is the same experience each one of us has when they experience themselves. Normal. Even when most people experience you like a super. You don’t feel super. You feel like you. Normal. Mental strength like tolerance for the bitter or the spicy is the kind of thing one builds up over time. Through the intentional exposure of the bitter, or spicy as opposed to the sugar. Even when the sugar is widely available, and to give in to comfort is even more comfortable than struggle. This is when the status quo is even more comfortable than any comfort experienced by the flesh..This is when the struggle is what you really need. To be mentally strong, is to get over yourself. Especially when you feel like you are all that matters. Like the universe. Taking into account all the starving children? To have mental strength is to get over your own emotions. Even when they feel justified.
  3. The greater the struggles, the bigger the calluses.. the deeper the knowledge… The wiser the wisdom? The fewer the mistakes of naivety? To know more is not to be a genius, but to struggle less. To rely on mother luck two or three fewer times, and to free yourself to self-dependence… to perpetuity?. Peace is the feeling of knowing you’re next step is all that matters. Not someone else’s. You’re all that matters and reality itself backs you up. And that’s all that matters…And it all starts from mental strenght. And it’s not as hard as you think.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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