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  1. True ignorance is not just the absence of knowledge or wisdom, but to think one is special enough to be immune from this intellectual plague. The most important knowledge of all is not scientific or spiritual, but the realization of one’s lack of enlightenment. While you might know a thing or two about a thing or two, you will forever be mostly ignorant about most things, and to acknowledge that is the first step to the management of said ignorance.
  2. Read more. The more you learn the less ignorant you become, not only for the virtue of knowing more, but because you also get to know what you don’t know, and how much you truly know. And there is power in that.
  3. When dealing with a seemingly unmovable ignorant, it might be of use to be sure you’re not the very thing you’re trying to change, as the feeling of wisdom is experienced by both that who truly knows and that who thinks they know. If you still stand by your view, It’s important to realize that unmovable ignorance is unmovable for a reason. There is a point in which the ignorant comes to worship its own ignorance like wisdom, and to try to change that is a waste of time.
  4. An open mind is the best way to manage ignorance, as if you knew what you were ignorant about, this would no longer be called ignorance but wisdom or knowledge. An open mind helps you in not being quick to reject an idea because of feelings, as history has a countless list of examples in which the seemingly ridiculous turned out to be true.
  5. Once you successfully move a fact from the ignorance to the wisdom bucket, it’s important to revisit what you consider to be sure wisdom/knowledge. As its from dogmatic thinking that even more ignorance is born.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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