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  1. In life it’s important to realize that to change a mind the mind needs to be open to change in the first place. Your greatest waste of effort will forever be on the kind of people who are committed to their views. The kind of people whose image and self-concept is built on their beliefs, as to them, a change of mind is more than just a simple change, but the complete teardown and rebuilding of their self-concept.
  2. The quickest way to entrench people even deeper into their views is by making them feel inferior. Remember that what makes us stand by our beliefs is often not some evidence-based confidence of truth, but our egos. To impose the truth in a way that makes one feel less intelligent or inferior is to make a direct attack on the ego as opposed to bringing enlightenment to the mind that needs it the most. And when the ego is engaged, no amount of logic or evidence will make them see things your way. Even when the truth is involved.
  3. One of the most productive ways to enlighten a mind is not by forceful lecturing but by discussing your way to the truth.
  4. The truth is better served with a mix of humility and curiosity. When you’re humble, you inspire humility in others. When you’re curious you make them curious. And that’s when true teaching and learning become possible.
  5. It’s by questioning one’s reasoning that you not only get to show them the wrongness of their views if you’re right but also learn the wrongness of yours when you’re the ignorant party. Remember that just because you feel something to be true doesn’t mean it is, and in life, it’s far more important to know what the truth is than it is to be right. By doing that, you might come to realize that you are the one who has something to learn, and when that happens, you will spare yourself any unnecessary arrogance-inspired embarrassment. Always be humble.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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