How To Build A Free Business Website

In this post you’ll find a few tips on the question: how to build a free business website? and which one is the best?

The business world just like education has been migrating from the mere one-to-one scenario of the real world, to the one to many world of the web. On the web, one only has to create and offer a prduct once, and the same will be used for millions and millions of other prospects. This is especially effective/true when the product or service is held virtually such as an e-book, and album, or an e-course. You write the book once, and without any printer, the internet allows you to sell it to the entire planet.

On the real world this is unheard-of. In order to sell a hard cover book to a million people, one has to print a million books.

So, it’s no wonder that many businesses either take some advantage of the internet, or are built from the ground up taking the web on it’s core. Whether the business is web based, or not, in order to take advantage of the power of the internet you need a website, and you can have it done for free.



How to build a free business website?

In programming, it’s not enough to just have the application built, but also well tested. As I learned in a programming course, there are thousands of ways you can solve a problem. Which means that the most important thing is not to just find the solution, but to find the one that takes the least resources and is the most reliable and bug-free. When we put the thousands and thousands of possible solutions through this filter, we end up with a handful of them. The same applies to a website. There are many ways you can build one, but only a few that consume the least resources, and that are the most reliable while being bug-free.

Below are a few ways you can build your business website for free.

1. Code it yourself

As mentioned above, there is much more into programming than just being able to write the code that does what you wanted to do. For a business website, chances are that there will be in the best case scenario, thousands if not millions of visitors coming in and out on a daily basis. With this numbers, user experience matters the most and if this is why your website has to be as close to perfect as possible. So, unless you’re an experienced web developer, building your business’ website by yourself should be the last option. If there is nothing you can do, but do it yourself, and you want to know how to start, here are three languages that if you learn and master will take you a long way on your project:



2. Hire a programmer

Yes! Hire a programmer. When we think of hiring a programmer to build something for us, we tend to assume that we have to pay them. The truth is that if you look hard enough, you can get what you want done for free. In University, I noticed that there are aspiring programmers who are willing work for you for free (me included), who don’t yet care as much about the amount you’re willing to pay, but more about their resume. For them if you do pay for their services they are grateful, but not necessary. What they are after is real world experience.

The problem here, is that while this kind of programmers have some knowledge of programming, and with some time they can get the job done, they don’t have the years of experience more experienced programmers have. So, just like anything in life this is a trade off.

If your website is not complex, there is also the chance that you don’t need a programmer with 20 years of experience and a gifted university student, regardless of his years of experience can get the job done. So, if you do choose to look for this kind of programmers, you need to first know if they know know how to program on the languages we talked about on the previous tip. The greater the number of languages they know the better.


3. Use a website builder tool

This one is for the cases in which the website you envision for your business is something more generic. Today, the evolution of technology has gifted us with an array of tools that allows us to do the things that would once require a team of professionals, thousands if not millions of dollars spent, and months if not years of work to build. Those tools, if we use a car manufacturer as an analogy, would be same as having a tool that helps us assemble a limitless number of generic cars with the push of a button without requiring neither an experienced team nor engineering knowledge from us.

The same happens with websites. As mentioned above, as long as the what you’re trying to build is just like most of the websites you see on the internet, chances are that you won’t need to neither build it yourself nor hire a programmer. There are tools that do most if not all the heavy-lifting of the programming for us. All that is required from us is to buy a domain name and pay for a hosting service. Websites like godaddy and hostgator will not only provide you the services above, but also website builders. Examples of web hosting services are:

  • Godaddy
  • BlueHost
  • Hostgator

It’s all a matter of looking for the one whose prices are more aligned to both your wallet and your needs.

Content Management Systems

After you build the website, the programming that you’d need to create or edit content is also done for you automatically. Most website builders if not all, also have what they call a content management system installed on them.

A content management system is in simple words an application that helps you create and edit content. The most popular one, powering 29% of the internet according to Wikipedia is WordPress. Below is a simple and free wordpress website builder you can try to build your first website.



Building websites can sometimes be a complex task. The good news is that although this is true, more often than not, the problems we are trying to solve already have an automated solution designed for them. For the more generic ones all you pay for is for the domain name and the hosting of the website and not for the more difficult part of the programming. With less than $100, you can get a website up and running in less than 5 min with most of the website hosting services on the internet.


It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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