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To become worthy of anything, be that love, success, or fulfillment, one has to first put sweat equity. To show one’s devotion to the cause. To give all of oneself to one thing, and to even be willing to cry if tears are what is required of the moment. The first step is to educate yourself on the standards of that which you now attempt to conquer, and once you have them mastered, to day by day hard work your way to the prize, and to not just make it your status quo, but to go two or three levels above it.


One cannot become worthy of anything until one finally masters the art of patient humility, as to become worthy of anything one has to learn new things. Things that might come off a little counterintuitive at first, but that make sense when one takes the time to understand. And to understand one has to be humble enough to accept and own up to one’s mistakes, or at least the possibility of it. Humble enough to get over one’s ego for long enough to attain enlightenment. And after that, patient enough to get over the thousands of hurdles one has to suffer on its way to the truth.


Learn. To become a worthier person, you have to be a cultured person. A versatile problem solver. As there is nothing more useful than a problem-solving hand. To be that cultured person, there is no way other than through learning. And the more you learn the worthier you become simply for the virtue of how many more lives you can help. But this is only potential virtue, only materialized when paid by a demonstration of actual virtue through the application of what you learned.


Teach. Nothing angelifies a person more than selflessness. In a way, we can’t help but wish good to those who seem to be selfless. Those who seem to be giving, especially when they also manage to not seem like they expect to get back. Some payback. Teaching what you know to be useful without asking for payback is one sure way to worthiness land. It’s perhaps the best way to build positive karma.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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