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Resilience is the kind of thing one suffers its way into, not something to be stumbled upon. The ability to be resilient is the kind of thing that requires intention, not passivity. To be able to get over obstacles and conquer the challenges that will come your way without quitting, the only way is by facing one’s fears, developing a taste for discomfort, as well as to grow into the type of delusional who believes anything is possible.


One cannot get good at overcoming difficulty without first overcoming oneself, and the only way to do that is by facing adversity. A catch 22…The kind of resilience you seek cannot be found in the comfort of your home. Or any comfort for that matter. And let’s be honest, your wish for resilience comes from a secret and insidious desire for the comfort said resilience brings. In our minds, the resilient individual not only overcomes its obstacles, and conquers personal challenges, but also does it without breaking a sweat or dropping a tear. What we fail to realize once more is that the ends we envy are a product of means we are not willing to give. Meaning, that if you want to become resilient or mentally tough, you will have to pay the price.


Resilience is what happens when the healed scars of past experiences meet the challenges of the present. When you take the time to heal your wounds you grow stronger, and from the added strength more of life can be shouldered and handled. This is how resilience is developed. Bit by bit. Scar by scar. Always better but never the same. Always in transformation. Improved by the challenges of life, and never set back by them.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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