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  1. To problem solve is to build a castle out of thin air. Only the castle is made of thought material more often than not acquired, not innate. To build a solution you need to first accumulate all the knowledge that comes along with it. These will be your building blocks, and the price will be paid in hundreds or thousands of hours of sweat and tear equity. Plus another set of thousands of thoughts of self-doubt and insecurity. To become a good problem solver you have to face that which we all have to face: the fear of looking ignorant. And to overcome it.
  2. The kind of problem you will find more often, is the kind you’ve encountered at least once before. More often than not your struggles will be repeats, and this is the good thing about problems. They might feel difficult, but once you’re done, you’re done. One-time work for a lifetime worth of rewards… And hopefully, the solution leads to the unlocking of many more hair-pulling, brain-scratching, real-life puzzles. You have to accept the fact that more often than not, problems will seem unsolvable, but just because A seems like B, doesn’t mean it is. The goal is not to try to be a genius but to work hard, never be discouraged, and then later pretend it was all effortless. As behind every seemingly instantaneous moment of insight, are years, if not decades worth of effort applied in countless failed attempts at understanding.
  3. We’re used to thinking that problem solving is all about innate, genetically gifted genius. The kind of genius that is always there, and comes when needed. The truth is that problem solving is also about patience, as there will be a time in which even the smartest among us will be forced to face the wall and deal with the array of self-doubt-inducing thoughts that not being able to solve a problem produces. Sometimes to find a solution you have to wait.
  4. Problem-solving ability is the single child of time and experience. To gain experience you need time, and the experiences to fill that time with. Just be sure they’re useful, as any can spend time in meaninglessness, drunk in the many mini lies they choose to tell themselves, to cope with the bitter harshness of life… The more you learn the more you earn they say these days…I say, the more you learn the more you live…the more you experience. Simply for the virtue of not having to make unnecessary mistakes…You spend time living the right thing.
  5. Problem-solving is a super-power you gain by the peace by peace facing of that which you dread but are scared to.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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