How to be more positive in life

In this post you’ll find  a few ideas on how to be more positive in life.

The way you approach the world around you, and how you react to it is one of the biggest contributors to what you get from it. When in times of crises, the overall mindset is one of pessimism, and when in times of prosperity, the overall mindset tends to be one of optimism.

We react to the mood of the times in the same way a cell that happens to be a part of a diseased organ absorbs its diseased state. And yet, there are some people out there who manage to keep an up beat spirit no matter how challenging the moment. When the country is in the middle of a losing battle, these are the people who bring inspiration and motivation from the  feelings of desperation, and uplift the overall morale of the people in the process.

I’m talking about the kind of people who can keep going no matter how bad the times, and who are able to somehow believe something good will come as long as they keep pressing forward.

How to be more positive in life

When we think about the idea of being positive, most of us think delusion. This is because there are people out there whose positivity comes from a delusional basis. I’m talking about the kind of people who would avoid going to the doctor when they feel sick, because they think that just because they believe so deeply in whatever divinity they believe in, the disease that afflicts them will miraculously heal itself. So, because of that kind of people, most of us with some common sense can’t help but to feel some aversion to the mere thought of being positive for the sake of being positive. The problem with that is that being positive has its own advantages/benefits.  For starters, it’s what allows us to keep moving forward even when everything seems hopeless, and to go back to the fight after a defeat, regardless of how bad it was. Without that, quitting becomes a part of who you are, since you’re unable to see the light, when there is no apparent light. Learning to be positive is important.

Make it a habit

The first thing one can do to become more positive in life is to make it a habit. Our thought patterns, just like our routines are/become literally hardwired in our brains. If you created the habit of brushing your teeth everyday since you were little, you probably know how uncomfortable it is to not brush your teeth for a single day. The automatic part of you takes over when you make habits, and it makes those habits more and more likely to be repeated as you repeat them. The same goes for the kinds of things you chose to think about, and how you chose to think about them.

Learning to be positive can be as simple as making a conscious effort to see the good in every situation, no matter how bad. This is a part of the book The obstacle is the way by Ryan Holiday, which in essence teaches us the art of overcoming obstacles.

So there is lots of power that come from establishing the right kind of habits, especially when one of them is that habit of thinking positive regardless of circumstance. This way you don’t have to think about it, and just like a computer program scheduled to run everyday at the same time, your neuro-program runs every time you need it requiring little to no effort to do so. If you worry that habits just like meditation are the kind of thing that requires a decade of sustained dedication, you can relax because according to recent science, all it takes on average is really just as little as 66 days.

Back it up with work

Being positive just like being confident is widely a product of reality. Meaning that whatever state of mind or feelings you have at the moment you have so for a reason. A good way to think about feelings and emotions is that of a thermostat. The device senses and reflects to what’s happening on its immediate environment. In essence if life is good, you’re more likely to feel confident and positive, and vice-versa.

We tend to feel negative when our expectations for the future are not positive, and in general we feel like that when we find ourselves making no progress in life. We need to keep getting better than we were in the past, and failing to do that is a reason for unhappiness.

So, another solution to feeling more positive is to do something. Pick a goal and go after it. Chose an area in your life,  be that relationships, school, your body or career, and make a deliberate effort to improve it each day that goes by. After a while the changes that come from this change in attitude will affect not only your life, but your attitude about it. It might not be the case that you’ve gotten your six pack, or the love of your life assuming that’s what you were aiming for, but the mere fact that you’re going forward towards something you’d love to have in your life can often be enough to improve your outlook in life.

Pay attention to the people around you

Sometimes our lack of positivity comes from not the inside, but from the outside. As much as we love to think of ourselves as independent beings immune to external influence, we are more affected by the people we spend most of our time around than we think. Spend enough time with negative people, and soon enough a part of that negativity will rub on you. Spend enough time with positive and motivated people, and soon enough that positivity and motivation will rub off on you. You don’t believe it? Well you shouldn’t believe on anything just because a stranger you’ve never met tells you to in a blog post. Just make an experiment on yourself. Start by deciding whether the people you spend most of your time around are of the positive/negative kind. Then make a deliberate effort to spend more time with people of the opposite kind, and take notes on how you feel before and after.

Again we’re like sensors of the environment we find ourselves in, and sooner or later we become what we spend most of our time around. In some cases we instinctively move away from people like that, and with luck manage to keep our level of positivity. The opposite is also common, meaning that when we find ourselves in the presence of a very positive person, our tendency is to want to spend more and more time around them.

Be more reliant on yourself

The last strategy to being more positive in life is to rely on you and you alone to get what you want. We live in a time in which for every failure of character one can have, there is an easy to find person to blame it to. If you’re lazy and not driven to accomplish anything in life, the easiest people to blame are your parents. You can just pull the “they didn’t raise me right” card. If you can’t find a good job you can blame on the rich, and how they “control” everything. As for everything else you can blame the government and their policies for which you probably have little understanding about, and even if you do probably have little to no real impact to your life.

The point is that when we blame other people for our failures we become powerless, and people only care about the things that are about themselves. Waiting for some someone to come and fix your life for you just because you complained about it is a losing strategy. And this level of powerlessness is one of the biggest reasons why thinking positive can be difficult sometimes.

So, the solution is to take everything to your own hands. Even for the things you had little control over. Someone promised you a deal and didn’t come through on the last minute and your whole business failed? Well…you could have known or try to know beforehand with more certainty whether they were the kind of people who would do that kind of thing in the first place. You could have thought about potential backups, and on,.. and on. The point is that there is always something we can do to further our cause, no matter how difficult/little the odds. What you have to do is to accept this fact.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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