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  1. The often arduous and sometimes emotionally scaring mountain climb that honesty represents becomes more bearable when you realize that to tell the truth, is not a curse or punishment, but a gift. A gift we often deprive our loved ones and sometimes even ourselves for the fear of the process.
  2. One way to ease the burden of honesty is by reminding oneself that to do anything is also to make a statement. To stand for the fact that one’s actions are also allowed to the rest of the world. This means that by keeping the honest truth away from others, you also encourage them to do the same to you. If nothing else urges you to action and away from innaction, let self-interest be your guide.
  3. By immersing oneself in an environment in which honesty is not only encouraged but the lack of it discouraged, one eventually develops the strength of will and character to tell the truth and do the right thing, no matter how difficult.
  4. If you find telling the truth to be a challenge, you might also find the 5-second rule to be your greatest tool. It’s by jumping into the opportunity when the opportunity presents itself, that you shield yourself from the influence of the inner voices that urge you not to do what you know you should.
  5. Honesty with regards to oneself and others is at the foundation of every relationship, society, and endeavor. Progress is only possible when the foundation is not just solid, but rock solid. The alternative, on the other hand, is chaos and if anything can be built at all, it will be as fragile as a house of cards. Solid from far away but weak to the touch. Again to be honest is with oneself and with the world is to build a strong foundation on anything you chose to build something on.

How to be more honest part 1

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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