How to be accountable part 2

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1.What makes accountability such a scary monster is the fear of failure. It’s when you allow yourself to be one if need be, that taking ownership becomes much easier. And this is at the end what matters the most. Not the fact that whoever is in charge succeeds on its actions, but that someone is in charge in the first place, as often enough, it is the case that a successful venture is only possible after a series of successive failures.

2.The tendency to treat responsibility like a hot potato to be passed over to anyone regardless of fitness is one of the biggest stiflers of accountability. Drowning the urge to point fingers is often the first and only step to getting things done in life.

3.Self-esteem and accountability may seem unrelated at first glance, but there is an often indirect but yet powerful relationship between the tendency to expect others to make things happen and one’s self-trust to do so. Delegation is at the end of the day an expression of some lack within, and the perpetual delegator throws not just others, but also himself under the bus with each self-excluding claim that someone should have done something. Each time a finger is pointed outwards, there is always one coming inwards if only you open your eyes.

4.Accountability is to the human character what exercise is to the muscles. A door we’re all averse to, but that when opened leads to self-transcendence. When you find yourself on the other side you’re glad for it. You’re much better off as a person, and you know it, and you may even wonder why you didn’t do it before. The funny thing is that the fear of the doorknob never goes away completely. The next one after that always presents us with the same challenge, even if you’ve been through thousands of other scary doors before. The only consolation is that the struggle although chronic gets easier with each successful attempt at getting over the many inner blocks that urge us to freeze or flight, instead of fighting and progressing.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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