How to be accountable

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1.Accountability is that imprisoning thing that frees the self from the uncaring randomness of the world we live in. By taking the controls and thus shouldering the responsibility of whatever happens after, you truly make things better, even when they don’t actually improve. Before, all you had to work with was the hope that someone would do something, let alone someone who cared. Now you don’t just have a driver, you have a leader.

2.Accountability is the ultimate test of human character. The one thing that shows maturity in the young, and the lack of it in the old. How much can you take, and What are you willing to do without complaining? That’s accountability. To be willing to do what you need, to get things done. As Tim Grover would say “when you care so much about the end result, that the work becomes irrelevant”. That’s accountability.

3.Accountability like many things in life is a skill. A muscle. Something you can improve by starting from the bottom…regardless of how low.. and step by step improve to previously unimaginable levels. You can become more accountable by inching your way into it…hell..”half-inch into it”. You just have to give it a try. Be accountable for anything today, and when you come through, don’t forget to pat yourself in the back. Because that’s how you make progress. That’s how you become more accountable. By as Jordan peterson would say “Picking the heaviest load you can carry” now, and to try something a little heavier the next time.

4.Accountability, like leadership, is self-imposed. Meaning self-selected. You make not only your life but also your immediate surroundings better by being more accountable. By being a leader in “making things happen”. If you’re really serious about it, you might even change the world with accountability alone. But it doesn’t start like that. Big things start small and boring. Yet it’s from small acts to small acts of self-accountability that you turn yourself into the kind capable of carrying not just it, but maybe even the world on its back. And if you’re really serious about it, you might get to be among those who do it well beyond a lifetime. To “make it” not only in the span of a few decades but maybe even centuries or millennia. To be a legend. To have people speculating on your secret sauce and getting it wrong, even when it’s so simple it’s hard to believe. Just by being accountable. Just by doing what you’re supposed to do here and now. With no complaints or excuses.

5.The self-accountable animal is by nature the complete opposite of the complaining animal. While you complain about the fact that the city you live in is overpopulated, the self-accountable animal makes a mental note to leave home earlier so as to not be late again because of traffic. While you complain about the government making it difficult for the not fortunate to be born in an affluent family to become affluent themselves, the self-accountable has the presence of mind to realize that complaining is never the way. So he or she proceeds to sketch the next plan. Just another one in the list of hundreds or maybe even thousands of failed plans. Each time as enthusiastic as before. Each time vowing to complain less about that which is beyond one’s control, and to be more accountable the next time around.

It is all about knowledge and experience 😉
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