How long does it take to make money online?

One good question many have, and I personally had once was: how long does it take to start  making money online? Assuming that you already know how powerful online marketing can be, and you’re considering it, the question above becomes a no brainer to make. So how long does it take?

Well, it depends. Different niches are like different businesses, with different overhead and demands. Some businesses like companies that produce planes require lots of  capital to start, and unless you already have large pockets, you’re probably not likely to be able to finance it on your own. Online businesses on the other hand, can be implemented with little to no money and in less than 24h. To say that there is a specific universal time in which you  start making money for all online businesses would be inaccurate.

So the answer is that  it depends on at least 2 things: the niche and search engine’s trust over your website.

The niche


Your niche will be your market. More competitive markets can take a lot of your time before they make you any money.

According to the website, for niches like “Make money online” it could take about 2 years for a new website to start generating consistent income. Less competitive  markets/niches on the other hand, could take you as low as 2-3 months.

The keyword is competition. More competitive niches have more people fighting for the same piece of the pie, just like more competitive keywords have more websites fighting for the same portion of the traffic sent by search engines.

Search Engine Trust


Another factor that determines how long it takes for a website to start making money is search engine trust. Over the years search engines developed sophisticated algorithms that allow them to sort the most useful websites for a specific keyword, and in the same time frame many bloggers found new ways to “trick” the search engines’ algorithms to rank their websites higher in the search results. To get over this, the search engines came up with even more sophisticated algorithms to punish the ones trying to “trick” the search results. So, the more the search engines trust your website, the more traffic it will get, and the more traffic it gets, the greater the potential to make money either through the posting of ads or just any offer.


It is all about knowledge and experience 😉

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