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The internet brought along with many other things the power to connect to anybody, anywhere at any time. Now we don’t have to look for the contact information of a professional if we want to buy a product or make sure its good or not. We go straight to google and from there we get the access to thousands and thousands of professionals one click away from us who are willing to help for free.

Now being social is more about being in the social networks since just like the professionals we need for advice, there we are also able to find thousands and thousands of people who are looking for new friends by signing up to a social network sucha s Facebook or twitter. And just like the search engines, the social media offers to marketer a chance to tap into millions and millions of potential prospects without having to spend any money. If well-used, social media can be an amazing way of vastly improving revenue.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a form of online marketing that focuses on obtaining and managing traffic from the popular social networks at the moment. The most used are : Facebook, twitter, pinterest and google plus.

Some social networks like Facebook and twitter will allow you to set up campaigns, but the most important part of the strategy is in building a connection with your target audience(your fan base). The greater your fan base the greater the social proof you’ll get, which by itself will increase the chances that your fan base will grow even more.

A big fan base also means more free traffic, since social networks are free to use and as long as you’re clear about your target audience, that will also be a source of targeted and reliable traffic. If you don’t have a big advertising budget to setup a PPC campaign or SEO skills to quickly rank high in the search results, social media marketing might be a good strategy to get traffic to your business as long as you enjoy being in the social networks and have the patience to post interest content regularly.



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