Conservatism Bias

In this post you’ll learn the answers for the questions what is the conservatism bias? and how can it affect marketing strategies?


The target of any marketing or persuasion effort is either a prospect or a client. It’s impressive how many people tend to forget that whenever they want to persuade a person to do something. The strategy is formulated based on what the marketer thinks should persuade the prospect. A part of him looks at the prospect as something more predictable like a computer and not as a complex being that a human is with both predictable and unpredictable behavior. By better understanding human psychology and cognitive biases, one is better suited to thrive in the world of persuasion. One bias that happens to be based on the way people prefer to do things is the conservatism bias.


What is the conservatism bias?

The conservatism bias is the tendency to stick to older belief and values, and to adhere to new beliefs and values in a slower pace. One example of this is racism, which partly due to the fact that some people raised by an outdated set of values, find themselves in a world in which those set of values are not valid anymore.
The world evolved in a quicker pace.


In marketing where the end goal is usually to either increase the number of prospects or to make the sale, the conservatism bias can be a big problem for innovative products. The problem is not innovation per se, but the degree at which the product requires a new set of beliefs and behavior to be adopted. The conservatism bias can make products that happen to be too ahead of their time seen as bizarre/uninteresting. To go over this bias, a good solution is to frame the new and highly innovative product, in the frame of the old/common.








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